Please don't delete or modify Ygraine's appearances, people are changing them when they aren't supposed to be, REMEMBER: always double check that it's true before applying it.

WIll people please STOP assuming that Ygraine and Vivenne are siblings? The show has made no such mention of any relationship between the two, which means these pages are being filled with false information. STOP IT NOW.

I recommend that this page be locked to prevent any more false info being posted.

Hello fellow Merlin fans,

There have been a lot of changes on this site recently. Although a lot of things on "Merlin" are open to debate and left to the viewer's interpretation, some things are just the way they are. Nimueh knew indeed that a life had to be taken in exchange for another. She told Uther in season one and she also CLAIMED that she did not foresee it would be Ygraine who had to die. Nimueh's part in it and her innocence concerning Ygraine's death was raised to question in the final epsiode of season one when Merlin accused Nimueh that she was the one choosing the lifes that have to be taken, and also by Gaius who told her to "take a fair price" this time. So since it not clearified wether Nimueh knew or not we have to say that she just claimed it. Please do not change that all the time or I'm getting nuts... lol... We know that what the characters say on the show does not necessarily have to be truth. Let's hope we will learn the truth in the upcoming season, maybe the writers will have a heart and let us know :-)

Ooops, sorry, I forgot to sign my post. The above starting with "Hello fellow Merlin fans..." is my post. Sorry for confusion.Fimber (talk) 15:08, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

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