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Arthur's Bane: Part One

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Arthur's Bane: Part Two

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Series 5


Stephen McCole played a guest role in Series 5 of the BBC television series, Merlin. He portrayed a character named Ragnor. Whether this is a recurring role or an appearance exclusive only to one or two episodes is currently unknown. Stephen has worked with director Justin Molotnikov, who will be directing the first three episodes, in the past. Stephen also said that the 'scripts are great', which hints that he might be appearing in more than one episode.


Stephen McCole is a Scottish actor. McCole plays the leading role in the television black comedy High Times.[1] McCole portrays Rab, an unemployed stoner who lives with his family in a bleak high-rise flat in Glasgow. The series, which received the 2004 BAFTA Scotland Best Drama Award,[2] also features McCole's older brother, Paul.[3] McCole credits the believability of his role to growing up in similar surroundings in Glasgow's Castlemilk project.

McCole has also starred in the 2008 adventure comedy Stone of Destiny. Previous to High Times, McCole appeared in The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star (TV Series) (1998), The Acid House (1998), Postmortem (1998) and the 2003 BBC One miniseries The Key.

In 2005, McCole directed the comedy short Electric Blues, written by Paul McCole.



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