Sorcerer is a term used to refer to any human who uses magic, a female sorcerer being a sorceress. Sorcerers can be good or bad. There are several types of sorcerers:

  • Warlock is the term for a male sorcerer. Eg. Merlin
  • Witch is the term for a female sorcerer. Often, this term is used negatively or derogatorily, to imply that the sorceress is dark/evil in some way, though that doesn't necessarily mean they are evil. Eg. Morgause
  • Druids are peaceful people who worship nature and use their magic for good. Some Druids deflect, abandoning their peaceful nature, and become renegade. Typically this happens in response to years of oppression and persecution. Eg. Mordred
  • Dragonlords are a type of warlock that are spiritual brothers with the dragons, which gives them the ability to speak in the Dragon Tongue and tame or command the dragons. The vast majority of the Dragonlord population were wiped out, along with their brothers-in-spirit, the dragons, during the Great Purge. Eg. Balinor
  • Seers are people with the ability to see future events in dreams or visions, known as the Sight. The gift of Sight can be enhanced if the person looks into a crystal from the the birthplace of magic, the Crystal Cave, like the Crystal of Neahtid. It is possible that even those without the Sight (or even without magic) may experience visions of the future when looking into crystals from the Crystal Cave, but only those who naturally have the Sight are referred to as Seers. Eg.Morgana
  • Druid seers are seers born of a Druid family. Eg. Lochru
  • Renegade sorcerers are people who are mad with power, motivated primarily by self-serving desires, vengeance, and other dark motives, and/or acting with no regard for the lives of others, the respectful guidelines to magic, or the laws of the Old Religion. More often than not, they use Dark Magic to achieve their evil and selfish goals. Eg. Tauren, Alvarr

Known SorcerersEdit