Are you taking the sleeping draught I made up for you?
"Oh, it doesn't help.
Gaius and Morgana

A sleeping draught is a tonic that, induces a powerful slumber on the drinker that lasts through a full night.

Soon after arriving in Camelot to study under the court physician Gaius, Merlin delivered a draught to Morgana, who suffered nightmares (The Dragon's Call).

Gaius later prepared stronger versions of the elixir as Morgana's nightmares grew more intense, though the draught did nothing to stop the dreams (The Gates of Avalon).

Under instructions from King Uther, Gaius also administered a draught to Arthur Pendragon in order to prevent the Prince from fighting the wraith of Tristan de Bois (Excalibur).

Arthur ingested another sleeping draught, unknowingly, when he volunteered to drink what he believed to be a mixture of water and poison after navigating the Labyrinth of Gedref (The Labyrinth of Gedref).

Gaius decided to give Morgana more and more powerful sleeping draughts while her powers were emerging (The Nightmare Begins).

After Morgause gave her half-sister an enchanted sleeping bracelet, Morgana recovered from her nightmares and she didn't need any more draughts (The Sins of the Father).

Morgana later used her own sleeping draught by giving it to the guards in a drink to help Alvarr escape (The Witch's Quickening).

When the Goblin, while possessing Gaius, stole her bracelet, Morgana asked the court physician to give her a sleeping draught again, but Gaius tricked her and gave her a potion that caused her to suffer from flatulence (Goblin's Gold).

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