Sidhe staff
Sidhe Staff
Type: A staff, made of wood, with a blue gem in its headpiece. Inscribed with words concerning life and death.
Place of origin: Lake of Avalon
Appearances: The Gates of Avalon
To Kill the King
The Changeling
They're magical beings! Look at the writing on the staff!
Merlin to Arthur[src]
The Sidhe Staff is a magical staff that is owned by Merlin and was once owned by the Sidhe.


Merlin has used the staff as a weapon, casting bolts of deadly magic. It was originally owned by Sophia, a young Sidhe who, along with her father, tried to enchant Arthur in order that she might regain eternal life in Avalon by sacrificing him. Merlin defeated Aulfric and Sophia by using her discarded staff. Later he kept it under his bed, along with Gaius' grimoire (The Gates of Avalon).

Merlin 112 5

Merlin attacks Tauren.

When the sorcerer Tauren plotted to kill Uther Pendragon, Merlin used the staff once again to defeat the other members of the plot. He killed or maybe just incapacitated two sorcerers. When he tried to hit Tauren with a bolt of energy, the sorcerer used the Mage Stone to deflect the spell back on him. Being a powerful creature of the Old Religion, Merlin again survived the staff's power (To Kill the King).

Aulfric summons the Sidhe with the Sidhe staff.

When Merlin discovered a plot to turn Princess Elena, who was arranged to be married to Arthur, into a Sidhe queen, the Pixie Grunhilda informed the Sidhe elder. The Sidhe Elder tried to kill Merlin in his sleep using his own staff, but he was able to destroy him with the Sidhe staff. Before he could kill him he missed a few times and knocked over Gaius's shelf of potions and test tubes. Later Gaius used a tonic to get the Sidhe out of Elena. Merlin then used the staff to kill Grunhilda, although it again took several shots to finish her off. He finally used it to kill the Sidhe that came out of Elena (The Changeling).


The Sidhe staff is a wooden staff with a large blue crystal on the top of it. The staff has engraved writing all around it, and a brown strap tied around it.

The staffs are inscribed with Oghams, an ancient form of language used by Celtic people in the Old Religion. The inscriptions of the staff concern life and death, as that is the nature of the Sidhe's greatest magic. The writing on the staff was: "Abas ocus bithe duthected bithlane", which translated by Gaius says: "To hold life and death in your hands".

It is possible that the staff's magical bolts only kill the Sidhe and non-magical beings as seen when Aulfric killed the bandit (The Gates of Avalon), while they just hurt or incapacitate other magical beings although it's possible Merlin survived the attack due to his powerful magic.


Series 1
The Gates of Avalon
To Kill the King
Series 3
The Changeling


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