Sidhe Elder
Also Known As: Your Majesty
Biographical Information
Race: Sidhe
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Grunhilda
Enemies: Merlin
Uther Pendragon
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Michael Jenn
List of Appearances: The Gates of Avalon
The Changeling
Let him feel the power! of the mighty Sidhe!
Sidhe Elder[src]
This Sidhe Elder was one of many Sidhe elders, who were kings among the Sidhe in Avalon.


A short time after the birth of Lord Godwyn's daughter, Princess Elena, the elder comes and casts a spell on her. He creates a Sidhe inside her who will completely possess her when she marries Arthur Pendragon. He has his Pixie servant, Grunhilda, become her nurse and sprinkle Sidhe dust on her every night as she sleeps. Aulfric later comes to the Sidhe Elder to plead that his daughter be returned to Avalon and he promises the soul of a mortal prince Arthur Pendragon. This plan is foiled by Merlin (The Gates of Avalon).

Merlin306 1978

The mighty Sidhe is killed after his short duel with Merlin.

When Elena becomes 20, Uther Pendragon and Godwyn , who are old friends, arrange a marriage between her and Arthur. However, Merlin discovers the plot. Grunhilda informs the elder of this and he tries to kill Merlin in his sleep, although he is killed by Merlin's Sidhe staff, which he previously acquired from another Sidhe. Merlin later foils his plan and kills both Grunhilda and the Sidhe inside Elena. She and Arthur then agree they don't love each other and cancel the marriage (The Changeling).


Series 1
The Gates of Avalon
Series 3
The Changeling


  • It is unknown why the Sidhe Elder had no problem with sacrificing Arthur as the Prince was vital to his Sidhe Queen plot. It's possible that he assumed that Godwyn would simply have his daughter marry another king's son.


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