Showdown with Morgause

Showdown with Morgause

I have a feeling I won't be seeing you again.
Morgause, about to kill Merlin[src]
The showdown with Morgause was a short battle which occurred during Arthur's Rebellion of Camelot. It happened between Merlin, Gaius, and Morgause. They all used stunning spells to try to defeat their opponents. The battle started when Morgause attacked Merlin when he attempted to empty the Cup of Life of the blood within to destroy the Immortal army. Gaius then arrived and attacked Morgause before she could kill Merlin. As Morgause attempted to attack Gaius, Merlin recovered and threw her against a pillar, badly wounding her. This ended the battle and allowed Merlin to empty the Cup and destroy the Immortal army (The Coming of Arthur: Part Two).

Victory: Merlin & Gaius


  • Merlin is caught by Morgause's magic.
  • The High Priestess prevents Merlin from emptying the Cup of Life.
  • The young warlock is hurled into the stone wall.
  • Morgause ready to finish Merlin off.
  • Gaius saves his apprentice's life.
  • Morgause is hit by the physician's stunning spell.
  • Morgause tries to deliver a blast of magical energy.
  • Morgana's half-sister is badly injured.
  • Merlin wins the magical duel.
  • Morgana repents over her sister's injury.

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