Morgana confronts the Knights of Camelot.

Lady Morgana!
Sir Leon

The showdown with Morgana was a short battle between the High Priestess and the Knights of Camelot. It occurred when Sir Leon, Sir Elyan, Sir Bertrand, and Sir Montague caught up with Morgana on the Plains of Denaria when she was taking her wounded and disfigured sister Morgause on a cart to the Isle of the Blessed.

When the knights approached the hooded figure that was struggling to pull the horse cart along the dusty road, Sir Leon ordered her to stop and show herself. As the cloaked woman set down the cart handles the knights dismounted and came closer. Leon asked Morgana where she was headed and the witch replied "the Seas of Meredor". When the mysterious figure didn't reply to the knight's next question ("what's in the cart?"), Sir Leon motioned for the spare men to search it. Suddenly, Morgana turned around, revealing her identity to an astonished Leon. She then used magic to throw each of the knights to the ground: the first time she cast a stunning spell she energetically opened her arm, sending Sir Bertrand flying backwards. To defeat the remaining knights, she quickly stretched out her hand, evoking her terrible powers. While Elyan and Leon survived, Sir Bertrand and Sir Montague died. When even Elyan was knocked unconscious, she looked around with satisfaction, pulled off her hood, and pulled down a blanket in the cart, revealing that Morgause was lying in it (The Darkest Hour: Part One).

Victory: Morgana

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  • Morgana traveling through the Plains of Denaria.
  • A hooded figure pulls a horse cart.
  • The Knights of Camelot arrive.
  • Morgana stops at Leon's command.
  • Sir Leon addresses Morgana.
  • Morgana turns around, revealing her identity.
  • The High Priestess attacks Sir Bertrand.
  • The knight is killed by the sorceress' wrath.
  • The witch kills Sir Montague.
  • The witch casts a deadly stunning spell.
  • Sir Leon is hurled to the ground.
  • Elyan draws his sword.
  • Morgana casts the last spell on Gwen's brother.
  • Elyan is knocked out.
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