Old Merlin Knocks out Knights

Old Merlin Knocks out Knights

Ah. Gentlemen. What a pleasant surprise.
Merlin to the Knights[src]

The showdown with Emrys occurred after Merlin had disguised himself as an old man so he could go to Morgana's Hovel without being recognised and kill the Fomorroh that was unintentionally forcing him to try to assassinate the King.

Shortly after he had cast an ageing spell on himself and tried to get back on his horse, he was cornered by the Knights of the Round Table, who wanted to arrest him and take him to Camelot. At first Merlin tried to talk his way out, but then he decided to induce the knights into attacking him by threatening King Arthur's life and by making Gwaine angry. When Emrys told him that he couldn't hear what he was saying because he had ale in his ears, Gwaine yelled and attacked him, but the "old" sorcerer held up a hand and stopped him dead in his tracks, knocking him out with a stunning spell. Percival tried next, but Old Merlin broke the blade of his sword in half and magically shoved him and Sir Leon into each other, throwing them on top of Elyan. Laughing, he used them as a set of stairs to climb onto his horse before riding away (A Servant of Two Masters).

Victory: Emrys (Merlin)


  • Merlin is surrounded by the Knights of the Round Table.
  • An angered Gwaine attacks Emrys.
  • The old sorcerer stops him a non-verbal spell.
  • Merlin enchants Percival and Leon.
  • The two knights are attached together.
  • Old Merlin uses magic to throw them.
  • Percival and Leon land on top of Elyan.
  • Emrys uses their bodies as a set of stairs.
  • Laughing, Merlin rides away.
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