The Sentry was a soldier who patrolled the citadel of Camelot. On the second night of Morgana's return, while standing guard, he walked into Morgana. When he asked what she was doing she replied she was just going for a stroll. He saw what he believed to be blood dripping from her robe. But before he could see to her "wounds", Morgana stabbed him, and pushed him off the battlements. However, he survived the encounter but was unconscious, his body was found. Gaius informed Arthur that the knife the guard was stabbed with was marked with the sigil of the Blood Guard, an order of warrior priests who protected the High Priestesses of the Old Religion; Gaius voiced to Arthur his fear that there was a traitor in Camelot. When he revealed he was still alive within earshot of Morgana, she got worried. She went to Gaius' chambers where the guard rested, and poisoned the guard, killing him (The Tears of Uther Pendragon).
  • Sentry confronts Morgana
  • He notices her "bleeding".
  • He blocks her way, so Morgana stabs him
  • Sentry falls off the citadel wall
  • The Sentry lives, currently recovering
  • Morgana about to poison Sentry
  • Gaius feels no pulse. He dies.
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