You lead an honorable man to his death, Odin.
Rodor to Odin about Arthur[src]
King Rodor is the father of Mithian and the king of Nemeth.


When he was younger he commanded an army and became the King of Nemeth. At some point in his life Rodor had a daughter, Mithian (presumably with his wife).

Many years later, in an effort to settle a land dispute between Camelot and Nemeth, Rodor arranged for his daughter to marry King Arthur Pendragon. However, the engagement was short lived as Arthur could not forget his old love, Guinevere. Mithian returned home after agreeing to an arrangement on her Kingdoms (and her fathers) behalf to receive all the disputed Lands of Gedref as recompense.

By season 5, Nemeth and Camelot were allies and this led to King Odin taking over Nemeth when he allied with Morgana. Rodor and Mithian were captured, and while Mithian was sent to Camelot as a trap for Arthur, Rodor was kept imprisoned by Odin. Rodor was later reunited with Mithian after Arthur arrived to rescue him.

Arthur was then involved in a fight with Odin but ended up arranging an alliance and one of the terms was that Rodor and Mithian were reinstalled on the throne of Nemeth. Safe again, Rodor returned home with his daughter.


Rodor showed himself to be a good father and an honorable man. Rodor is never afraid to stand up against Odin, and showed this when he told him off while imprisoned. Rodor also seemed to harbour no hard feelings against Camelot despite King Arthur casting off his daughter.


Rodor is a skilled leader, and a capable king.

He is also a avid swordsman, who despite his age, was able to casually defeat one of Odin's soldiers, remarking "try not to look so surprised, I commanded an Army in my day" to the others when they saw this. However he was limited by his advanced age, despite this he was shown to be in quite good physical condition, able to successfully evade his pursuers for a while.


Series 4
The Hunter's Heart (Mentioned indirectly)
Series 5
Another's Sorrow[1]
The Disir (Mentioned only)[2]



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