Razing of Camelot
Conflict: Kilgharrah takes revenge on Camelot
Place: Camelot
Outcome: Kilgharrah obeys Merlin's command to leave Camelot and never return
Kingdom of Camelot The Last Dragon
* King Uther Pendragon Kilgharrah
*Knights of Camelot None (Only Kilgharrah)
Many Camelot Knights, men, women and children killed or injured, Camelot severely damaged None
Why are you doing this?! You're killing innocent people!
Merlin to Kilgharrah[src]

The city of Camelot was razed by the dragon Kilgharrah in revenge for his twenty year imprisonment for simply being a magical creature.


The dragon began attacking the city shortly after he was secretly released by Merlin, killing innocent men, women and children, and destroyed sections of the castle. In an effort to stop the attacks, Gaius suggested King Uther Pendragon seek out the last surviving dragonlord, Balinor, but Uther refused. Arthur opted to track down the dragon lord against his father's wishes, and Merlin accompanied him after Gaius admitted that Balinor was Merlin's father. Arthur and Merlin found Balinor and persuaded him to return to Camelot, but the group was attacked on the return trip, and Balinor was killed in the fight. Merlin and Arthur returned to Camelot, and Arthur launched one final stand against Kilgharrah, riding out with Merlin and a battalion of twelve knights. After the knights were decimated by the dragon, Merlin summoned the powers of his dragonlord heritage and commanded Kilgharrah to leave Albion and never return. The dragon obeyed without question, only acknowledging that he will never forget his clemency, and he happily said that he was sure that their paths will cross again (The Last Dragonlord). This was by far, the worst creature attack upon Camelot.

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