Also Known As:
Biographical Information
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Saxons (possibly)
Morgana Pendragon
Enemies: Camelot (possibly)
Arthur Pendragon
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Stephen McCole
List of Appearances: Arthur's Bane

Ragnor is an opportunist and roams the Northern Plains with his band of renegades searching for trouble. When he’s not spending his ill-gotten money in the tavern, Ragnor is looking for dubious ways to make even more.


Ragnor encounters Merlin and Arthur after breaking them free from a net trap they were caught in. He then inspects Arthur's sword and discovers he is the king of Camelot, and says he will "fetch a handsome price" and points his blade at him as if he is about to kill him. Merlin then says he will have to kill him first and Ragnor proceeds to threaten Merlin. Ragnor is shown to have sharp reactions and strong wit, as he is able to stop Arthur from reaching for his sword. He also appears to have a strong liking to money that he isn't afraid to speak out about, implying Arthur's death will make him rich. Ragnor is then interrupted by Mordred who tells him they should "leave their fate to the Lady Morgana to decide". Ragnor then laughs and walks away.

Ragnor and Mordred then bring Merlin and Arthur to Ismere along with their other slaves to seemingly sell them to Morgana. However they manage to escape, leaving Ragnor and Mordred to only bring the slaves they already had to Morgana. Ragnor's fate after his encounter with Morgana is unknown (Arthur's Bane).



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