At the very heart of the Old Religion lies the magic of life and death itself. The Questing Beast carries that power. One bite, you die, and there is no cure.

The Questing Beast is a deadly creature with the magic of the Old Religion that inhabits the land of Albion. It has the strong body of a leopard and the fiercesome head of a snake. Its venom is highly poisonous, where one bite or one scratch means assured death and there is no cure. Only the Old Religion can bring such an injured person back to life, by sacrificing another in their place.


Questing beast

Questing Beast's attack

The beast played an important role in the Old Religion as it is regarded as a terrible omen. It has appeared on at least two known occasions - the death of Queen Ygraine, and once again twenty years after. The beast bit Arthurresultingin his near-death; he is only saved when Merlin goes to the Isle of the Blessed to save his life. It is uncertain whether the beast was appearing as an omen for Arthur's near death or for another reason not yet known (Le Morte d'Arthur).


Merlin, Arthur and the Questing Beast

Merlin and Arthur confronting the ferocious beast.

The Questing Beast, whose more physically descriptive French name is the "Beste Glatissant" or "The Barking Beast," has a leapard body, a serpent head, a lion's hindquarters, and rabbit's feet. A noise like the barking of a hound pack issues from its stomach.Arthur and the Questing Beast]]The Questing Beast appears in the Arthurian legends as a powerful creature sought after by King Pellinore. According to Merlin the beast was born of a woman who tried to seduce her brother but was manipulated by a demon to lie with him and accuse her brother of rape. The beast itself is an omen for violence, incest and chaos. The beast appears twice to Arthur; first after he (unwittingly) sleeps with his sister Anna(or Morgan le Fey in later adaptations), and secondly after he has a dream foreseeing the destruction of his kingdom by Mordred.


  • Only one Questing Beast may exist at a time, when the current Questing Beast dies a new one will come into existence. A new Questing Beast may appear since Merlin killed the current one. However the whereabouts of the new one is currently unknown.
  • Though not stated, another may appear when Arthur dies.


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