The Queen of Camelot is the female monarch of Camelot. When Ygraine married Uther she became his Queen. There have been queens that haven't last very long on the Throne. One such Queen was the Troll who disguised itself as Lady Catrina (Beauty and the Beast). Queens may rule Camelot without a King, like Morgana, Uther's daughter, who captured the Throne in two seperate campaigns to over-throw the King of Camelot, only to be defeated by Arthur both instances (The Coming of Arthur and The Sword in the Stone). Morgana believed that she had a rightful claim to the Pendragon throne because her half-brother was too much like their father when in reality she too was like Uther in so many ways. The Throne of Camelot is much-coveted. Attempts for Camelot's Throne have even been made by the Sidhe, who nearly succeeded. Year the years, there have been a couple on women who nearly became Queen of Camelot, either through magical enchantments, arranged marriages, or through sheer personal charm. These include: Princess Mithian (The Hunter's Heart) and Princess Elena (The Changeling). The year after Morgana's first reign and not long after her second, when Arthur married the former servant girl, Guinevere, she became his queen despite her not being a member a noble family by birth.


Queen Position Reason King Time of Queen's Reign Photo
Ygraine Pendragon, née de Bois Late Queen Wife of Uther Pendragon, the late King. Uther Pendragon pre-Series 1
Queen Ygraine Pendragon
Catrina (Troll) Late Queen 'Second Wife' of Uther Pendragon, the late King. Uther Pendragon Series 2, Episode 5 & 6: Beauty and the Beast
Morgana Pendragon Former Queen -Illegimate daughter of Uther Pendragon, dethroned her father and half-brother, Arthur. Helios (not married and unoffical during second overthrowal only)

Morgana's first reign


Morgana's second reign

Guinevere Pendragon Current Queen -Wife of Arthur Pendragon, the current King. Arthur Pendragon Series 4, Episode 13: The Sword in the Stone - present




  • There have been more Queens of Camelot then there have been Kings.
  • Of the four Queens of Camelot, Guinevere is the only one not to be born into a noble family.
  • The only true Queens of Camelot are the late Queen Ygraine, Uther's late wife and Arthur's mother, and Guinevere, Arthur's beloved wife. Catrina and Morgana as both took control of the throne through sordid means.

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