A Princess is the female offspring of a King and Queen or a Lord and Lady. If the ruler has no male heir to his or her throne the female will often become the heir apparent. Like Princes, Princesses can be rude and brutish or simply want revenge for their parents' deaths. The most notable case of this is Morgana, the secret daughter of Uther Pendragon, who believed for most of her life that Gorlois was her father until Uther revealed to Gaius and is unknowingly overheard by Morgana (in her subconsciousness) that she is in fact his daughter not Gorlois' because of an affair he had with Gorlois' wife Vivienne while he (Gorlois) was away at war. An example of a rude and conceited princess would be princess Vivian, daughter of King Olaf, who made several unkind comments to Gwen and Arthur. Despite this, some princesses can be lovely and kind like Princesses Elena and Mithian and the real Lady Catrina.

Known PrincessesEdit

Princess Status Kingdom Relations Photo
Vivian (title is actually Lady) Alive Unnamed
Morgana Pendragon (unacknowledged) Camelot
Elena Alive Gawant


Alive Nemeth


Lady Vivian:Edit

Lady MorganaEdit

Princess ElenaEdit

Princess MithianEdit

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