A Prince is the male offspring of a King and Queen or a Lord and Lady. The female equivalent of a prince is a Princess. The eldest son is normally the heir to the throne and becomes the king upon the death of his father. A good example of a prince is Arthur Pendragon of Camelot, son of King Uther Pendragon. Arthur had many qualities of a prince, he is a strong and capable fighter and often leads his knights in training and real battles. Some knights, such as the exceptionally loyal Sir Leon, went easy on Arthur during jousting tournaments, much to Arthur's annoyance when he found out, as he, like most princes, wished to prove himself worthy to his father and his kingdom. A tragic example of a prince wanting to prove himself is the son of King Odin who challenged Arthur to a duel, this cost him his life. This experience haunted Arthur, who asked Odin's son to withdraw as he had no quarrel with him. Should the king become unfit to rule, the prince can take charge for him, as what happened when Uther was left heart-broken after Morgana's betrayal, Arthur took charge of Camelot for him with the aid of his uncle, Agravaine. Princes are often bossy towards their servants, as Arthur is to Merlin, though this got more playful as time went on.

Known PrincesEdit

Princes Status Kingdom Relations Photo
Arthur Pendragon † (Until he  rises again. ) Camelot
S03e01 arthur 02 1600x1200
Odin's son Unnamed Odin (father)
Odin's son

The tombstone of Odin's son.

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