That's an Eye of the Phoenix! Some call it the Firebird. Its eye burns with a fire that consumes the life force of anybody it comes in contact with.
Gaius describing the magical object[src]
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An illustration of the Eye.

The Phoenix Eye is an amber crystal with wings in its setting. It is said to be the eye of the Phoenix because its eye burns with the fire that consumes the life force of anyone that comes in contact with it.



The eye absorbs Arthur's strength

Morgause gives Morgana a Phoenix Eye to give to Arthur on his quest to gain the trident of the Fisher King so it will kill him. Morgana is told to make a likeness of Arthur and bind it to the gift, using the skills that Morgause taught her. In her chambers Morgana creates a doll with pieces of wood and cloths. She then burns the poppet on a candle and lights it again with her magic. This causes the Phoenix Eye to light and to start consuming Arthur's life force. Morgana is forced to repeat this ritual twice because she is interrupted by her maid Gwen. When she repeats the ritual, it worsens the Eye's effect on Arthur. The Eye weakens Arthur across the journey, but he is able to hold on and make it in to the Fisher King's tower.

Phoenix eye on Arthur

Merlin and Gwaine follow him, and Merlin is able to take the Phoenix Eye off Arthur's wrist before it kills him. Later he gives it to the Fisher King to grant his wish to die as he was kept alive for years after a fatal injury, and in return he is given the Avalon Vial (The Eye of the Phoenix).



The phoenix eye

  • Although not confirmed or shown, it is also possible that a Phoenix Eye can also cloud the mind of its victim and weaken their awareness. Arthur, while wearing the bracelet, was unaware that he was being weakened and did not suspect the Eye's danger.
  • The effects of the phoenix eye are similar to the effects of the Poppet Merlin used on Morgana, with the difference that the phoenix eye absorbs physical strength but the poppet absorbs magic power.
  • The Phoenix Eye may be made from Baltic amber like other magical items.
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