Species information
Eye colour Amber
Family Bird
Appearances Excalibur (Mentioned only)
The Eye of the Phoenix (eye only)

A Phoenix is a magical creature, with the ability to consumes one's energy with its body parts.


Morgana gave Arthur a Phoenix Eye, a bracelet with an orange stone and engraved phoenix wings. It sucks the life out of him as he travels through the Perilous Lands on his quest to find the Golden Trident of the Fisher King (The Eye of the Phoenix).


Series 1
Excalibur (Appears on crest)
Series 3
The Eye of the Phoenix (Eye only)


  • Very little is known about a Phoenix other than it's the crest of Tristan de Bois and that its eye has energy consumption.
  • In mythology, a Phoenix is a fire bird that has the meaning of rebirth and regeneration. Even if it falls, it will rise again and it can also revive mortals with its flames. However, in the show it was used to absorb life force, instead of returning it. The Phoenix is mostly associated with Egyptian mythology.
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