Sir Percival is a knight of The Round Table. He is also a friend of Lancelot.


Percival's family was killed when Cendred's men raided his village, and when Merlin sent for Lancelot to aid Arthur after Morgana's conquest of Camelot, Percival volunteered and accompanied Lancelot back to Camelot, the two men saving the others from Morgana's and Morgause's knights by triggering a rockslide. Percival's courage and strength impressed Arthur so much that he asked Percival to call him 'Arthur' rather than 'Your Highness' despite the fact that the two had only just met.

He went with them to the Castle of the ancient kings of Camelot, where he swore his allegiance to Arthur in the subsequent attempt to retake Camelot, stating that Arthur's enemies were his enemies. In recognition of his bravery, Arthur knighted Percival as a knight of Camelot despite his lack of noble birth. Following the battle, Percival survived, and joined the others in bringing Guinevere back into Camelot, the group now dressed in the cloaks and armour of true Knights of Camelot.

It has been confirmed that Percival will return in Series 4. Percival could possibly be Merlin's brother.


Percival was a quiet man who preferred to let his considerable strength and combat ability do the talking. However he was also kind, courageous and loyal. He was a good friend of Lancelot though it is unknown when or how the two of them met. Percival was willing to fight to what might be his death for what was right. He pledged his loyalty to Arthur on the day he met him, even though he barely knew the Prince.


Percival was skilled with a sword, able to hold his own against several of Morgana's knights. He was also very strong, able to move several boulders to block a valley as well as shove back two knights at the same time. Percival used his considerable strength to augment his swordplay allowing him to attack with powerful blows that could overwhelm most opponents.

In the Legends

Within the legends, Sir Percival is one of Arthur's knights of the Round Table. He is most famous for his involvement in the search for the Holy Grail.

In the Percival version of the tale, Percival is the sole Grail hero. Within the Galahad version of the tale, Percival is one of three Grail heroes, the other two being Galahad, Lancelot's son, and Sir Bors.

He is typically portrayed at the son of King Pellinore and the brother of Sir Aglovale, Sir Lamorak and Sir Dornar, and he also has a half-brother, by his father's affair with a peasant woman, named Sir Tor. He also has a sister who appears in the Galahad tradition of the Grail story.

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