Sir Percival has the most limited wardrobe out of all the Knights of the Round Table. His wardrobe mostly consists of just chainmail, which are nearly always sleeveless. Examples of his wardrobe throughout the show can be viewed in the gallery below.



  • Percival's wardrobe mostly consists of his sleeveless tops and the odd bits of armour. His chainmail has buckles, presumably because of his large stature, as he is the only known Knight to have buckles on his chainmail. He is also the only Knight to have a sleeveless chainmail, this could be because he wants to show off his muscles or simply because sleeves will not fit over his muscles.
  • During the 5th series, Percival started using leather protectors in his chest and shoulders.
  • Sir Percival has the second most limited wardrobe compared to all the other recurring characters. The first being new knight, Mordred.
  • When Tom Hopper first tried on his costume it had sleeves however the next time he came in they had removed them. 
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