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Your enemies are my enemies.
Percival to Arthur[src]

Sir Percival is a Knight of the Round Table and a loyal ally of King Arthur Pendragon since his days as a prince.


Early life[]

Little is known about Percival's early life, only that his family was killed when Cenred's army raided his village. The army in question was likely the immortal army commanded by Morgause and Morgana; it was once stated that as a result of this attack, Percival hated everything to do with Morgana (A Servant of Two Masters).

At some point Percival became acquainted with Lancelot. When Lancelot received a message from Merlin requesting his aid in Arthur's bid to retake the kingdom from Morgana, Percival decided to accompany him to Camelot (The Coming of Arthur).

Knight of the Round Table[]

Arise, Sir Percival, Knight of Camelot.
Arthur knighting Percival[src]

The Knights of the Round Table

Percival and Lancelot caught up to Arthur and his small band of rebels in the woods outside Camelot, where they were being pursued by soldiers from the immortal army. Quickly coming to their aid, Percival and Lancelot halted the pursuit by dropping boulders onto the narrow path from above, allowing the prince and his allies to escape. Arthur was greatly impressed by Percival's strength and courage, thanking him and asking him to address him by name rather than "Your Highness."

With their former hideout compromised, the group then proceeded to the Castle of the Ancient Kings, where Arthur revealed his intentions to infiltrate the citadel and free his father. Percival was among those who volunteered to join him, declaring that Arthur's enemies were his enemies, and was made a Knight of Camelot alongside Lancelot, Elyan, and Gwaine. Arthur and his new knights then devised a plan to break Uther out of Camelot's dungeons: Merlin and Lancelot were to split off and disable the warning bell (though they were really planning to go after the Cup of Life), while Arthur and the rest of the knights proceeded on to the cells. Gwen and Gaius, meanwhile, were to remain in the Castle and prepare for any wounded.

The plan was carried out the next day. Arthur and the knights quietly infiltrated the dungeons, Percival and Gwaine trapping a few of the soldiers in a cell and later managing to hold their own against those that remained. Arthur had just managed to free his father when the warning bell sounded, alerting everyone in the citadel to their presence. They held their position for several minutes, long enough for Merlin take out Morgause and empty the blood from the Cup of Life, which instantly destroyed the immortal soldiers.

Later, Percival accompanied the rest of the Knights back to the Castle of Ancient Kings to escort Gwen home to Camelot (The Coming of Arthur).

The Darkest Hour[]

Sir Percival, Knight of Camelot

Percival was still serving as a Knight of Camelot one year later. He and Gwaine attempted to steal a roast chicken from the castle kitchens shortly before the Feast of Samhain which they attended that evening. Later, he was among the knights who rode out with Arthur to investigate reports of strange, faceless beings who had attacked one of Camelot's villages. They discovered that they attacks were the work of the Dorocha, ghostly voices of the dead unleashed when Morgana tore [[The Veil|the veil between the worlds] on Samhain's Eve.

As the Dorocha spread through Camelot and villagers began crowding into the city in search of safety, the knights took to patrolling the streets with torches. During one such patrol Percival came across three children hiding behind barrels, and was forced to leave his torch behind in order to carry them to safety. As fire was the only thing that the ghosts appeared to fear, leaving his torch behind left him vulnerable to the Dorocha, and it didn't take long for one to find him. However, he was saved by the timely arrival of Elyan, who used his own torch to chase the ghost away and helped Percival carry the kids to the safety of a nearby house.

Percival and the other Knights of the Round Table later accompanied Arthur on his quest to repair the veil on the Isle of the Blessed. They made camp the first night at an old fortress called Daobeth, where Merlin was badly injured by the Dorocha. After Lancelot volunteered to take him back to Camelot, Arthur, Percival, and the rest of the knights continued on with the quest. On Arthur's recommendation they took a shortcut through the Tunnels of Andor, which went fairly well up until they came across a group of Wilddeoren. The knights quickly hid behind a shelf of rock, but despite their having used Gaia berriesto disguise their scent (which Percival found disgusting), one of the creatures followed them and took a marked interest in Gwaine. This prompted the knight to kill it, which ultimately proved to be a mistake, as Wildeorren hunted in packs. The knights were forced to exit the tunnels at a run.

Percival carries the wounded Merlin.

After another day of the traveling, the knights were reunited with Merlin and Lancelot while making camp in another old fortress. Relieved that they were safe and well, the knights joyfully welcomed the two back into the fold. The group reached the Isle of the Blessed the next morning, crossing the lake by way of the ferryman's boat. When they discovered that they Isle was guarded by Wyverns,Percival, Elyan, and Leon remained outside to fend them off while Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, and Gwaine proceeded on to the stone alter, where Lancelot ultimately sacrificed himself to heal the veil in Arthur's place.

Later, back in Camelot, Percival attended Lancelot's memorial alongside his fellow knights and the rest of the court. He was also present when a funeral pyre containing Lancelot's cloak and sword was burned in the courtyard (The Darkest Hour).

Further Adventures[]

Percival is attacked by Julius Borden.

Percival attended Arthur's birthday celebration alongside the rest of the court. Later, after the death of King Uther, he also attended Arthur's coronation along with his fellow knights (The Wicked Day).

When it was discovered that Julius Borden was searching for the last live dragon egg in existence, Percival was among the knights that Arthur took to find and destroy it. During their journey, Percival joined the others in playing a trick on Merlin. They pretended to eat all of the stew he'd fixed for their dinner, and then proceeded to reveal one last bowl that they'd saved for him when he'd just about given up hope. As a result, Percival and the other knights were stricken ill when Borden poisoned their food, and had to be saved by Merlin's magic (Aithusa).

Percival was also present during the knights' ambush on King Caerleon's raiding party. When the King's wife, Queen Annis, subsequently declared war on Camelot over the death of her husband, Percival accompanied his fellow knights and the rest of Camelot's army to the battle sight. He later joined the other Knights of the Round Table in trying to cheer up Arthur by voicing their support and willingness to die for him. When Arthur struck a bargain with Annis that the war would be decided by a duel between two champions rather than a battle between two armies, Percival was the first to volunteer to represent Camelot. He later watched Arthur fight from the ridge alongside Merlin and the rest of Camelot's army (His Father's Son).

Percival was one of the knights who accompanied Arthur on his secret negotiations. While returning to Camelot through the Valley of the Fallen Kings the group was ambushed by Morgana's mercenaries. Percival, Leon, and Gwaine were separated from Arthur and Merlin during the battle. After returning to Camelot and recruiting Elyan to help search, they eventually found Arthur the next day. Merlin, however - who had been injured during the battle - had been captured by bandits. Percival was part of the search party that scoured the woods in search of him, but the warlock remained missing until the following day.

Defeated by Dragoon the Great.

A day or two later, Percival was on a patrol with the other Knights of the Round Table when they encountered Merlin disguised as Dragoon the Great. The warlock was attempting to mount his horse so he could ride to Morgana's hovel and free himself of her Fomorroh's control, but due to the effects of his ageing spell did not have the strength to manage it. Recognizing him as the sorcerer supposedly responsible for Uther's death, the knights attempted to apprehend him but were quickly defeated by Merlin's magic, much to his glee. The warlock then mounted his horse using the fallen knights as a staircase and went on his way (A Servant of Two Masters).


This is madness, Percival. Elyan needs help. You know nothing about this girl. You have no idea where she's taking you.
Merlin to Percival about Lamia[src]

Percival is protective of Lamia.

When the village of Longstead was stricken with severe illness, Percival and the other Knights of the Round Table were tasked with escorting Gwen and Merlin there to provide treatment. Though Merlin did what he could, his prescriptions proved ineffective and it started to appear as though sorcery might be involved. The group started back to Camelot the next morning, intending to inform Arthur of their suspicions and return later with Gaius, who had remained in Camelot to create a sudden outbreak of sweating sickness.

At some point in their journey they came across a group of bandits camped out in the forest. The Knights attacked the bandits, and in the process freed a young girl that had apparently been taken prisoner. Identifying herself as Lamia, the girl appeared both terrified and distrustful, particularly of Merlin. She soon began to exert a strange a control over the Knights; they became increasingly possessive of her and aggressive towards each other, Gwen, and Merlin. Percival was the first to be affected, shoving Merlin away from her when he tried to examine her wounds or offer her water and generally acting as her bodyguard. The aggressive between the Knights eventually culminated in a fight between Leon and Gwaine, which escalated to the point that Percival and Elyan had to forcibly separate them. The Knights also began to forget the original purpose of their journey (to save Longstead), concerned only with doing what Lamia suggested they do.

The morning after the fight, the group awoke to find that Elyan, who was supposed to be on guard, was missing. They soon found him unconscious in the woods, apparently suffering from the same sickness as the people of Longstead. Though Merlin and Gwen tried to convince the Knights to get Elyan back to Camelot for treatment, they - under Lamia's influence - insisted on taking shelter in a deserted castle instead. Lamia disappeared almost immediately after they arrived there, and one by one the Knights began to fall ill; Gwaine when he went to collect firewood, and Leon and Percival while they were searching for Lamia.

Gwen and Merlin were left to deal with Lamia themselves. Merlin managed to stab her a sword during their initial confrontation, but Lamia responded by transforming into a snake-like monster that chased him through the castle. Eventually they ran into Gwen, who also attacked the monster with a sword it managed to grab Merlin. The Lamia was unfazed, however, and likely would have killed them both had Arthur not arrived and finished it off. Percival and the other Knights were then taken back to Longstead, where Gaius treated them for their illness. As the last to fall prey to Lamia's kiss, Percival was the first of the knights to recover (Lamia).

Later Adventures[]

The Knights at the Druid Shrine.

Percival participated in the jousting tournament that Arthur held as an engagement present for Gwen. He was later present in the dining hall when Lancelot recounted the story of how he survived the veil, and joined the other Knights in welcoming him back. Though Percival was eliminated from tournament at some point, he was pleased with the prospect of seeing Arthur and Lancelot face each other in the finals (Lancelot du Lac).

Percival was with Arthur, Merlin, and the other Knights when the group came across the remains of a Druid camp. He joined the other Knights in teasing Elyan, who was complaining about Gwaine drinking all of his water, and later that evening went to the tavern with Gwaine and some of the other knights. There he got in an arm wrestling match with Sir Brennis, during which he accidentally broke the other knight's wrist.

The next day, Percival attended training with Arthur and the Knights, and was present in the armoury when Elyan and Gwaine got into a small fight. Later, when Elyan attempted to kill Arthur, Percival searched the castle for him along with Gwaine and Leon, eventually apprehending him in a castle corridor (A Herald of the New Age).

Percival was present when Arthur announced Camelot's new agreement with Nemeth and his imminent marriage to Princess Mithian, as well as at the Princess's arrival (The Hunter's Heart).

Morgana's Second Conquest of Camelot[]

Arthur, even if we can get inside, she has an army."
"And we have, what? A few hundred?"
"And they still outnumber us.
Percival and Arthur discussing their strategy[src]

Planning a counterattack.

Percival was among those who attended the Feast of Beltane. He was greatly amused by Merlin's joke about Arthur's weight - his laughter caused him to spit out his wine - and shared a conversation with a woman seated near him. Arthur noticed their interaction and became somewhat subdued, as it reminded him of his former relationship with Guinevere.

When Gwaine entered the hall and announced that they were under attack by Morgana and her ally Helios, Percival was among knights that Arthur led in a counterattack. He later wound up in the inner chamber that Gaius was using to treat the wounded, which Arthur, Merlin, and Gwaine also retreated to. He and Gwaine barricaded the doors while Merlin and Gaius treated Arthur's wounds, and then he helped Merlin smuggle Arthur out of Camelot while Gwaine and Gaius stayed behind. They retreated to the woods - meeting up with Elyan in the process - and quickly came up with a plan to find sanctuary beyond Camelot's borders. However, they were discovered and attacked before they could make it out of the woods, Percival disappearing in the confusion.

Freeing Gwaine and Elyan from the dungeons.

Separated from Arthur and Merlin, Percival eventually came across Leon and other survivors of Camelot's attack who were hiding in the woods. They were later located and contacted by Merlin (with the help of Kilgharrah), and were present when Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone Merlin had placed it in a year or so earlier. Afterwards, he, Leon, and Arthur began planning their own assault on the citadel, which was carried out the next day. Percival led their new allies Tristan and Isolde in taking out the guards at the castle gates, and then accompanied Leon to the dungeons to free Gwaine, Elyan, and Gaius.

Later, after the battle was won, Percival stood alongside his fellow knights and the rest of the court as Arthur crowned Guinevere Queen of Camelot (The Sword in the Stone).

As Morgana's Prisoner[]

The key to what?"
"I don't know. But the men say Morgana's obsessed. She won't rest until she finds it.
Gwaine and Percival[src]

Percival working in the mines.

Three years later, Percival was one of sixty knights that Gwaine led on a patrol to the northern kingdom of Ismere. At some point the patrol was attacked by magical wolves that appeared to be controlled by Morgana. He and the other knights were then taken to the fortress she was occupying with her Saxon allies, where they were added to the ranks of slaves forced to dig for some sort of Key.

Though the knights were scattered throughout the caves, Percival and Gwaine managed to stay together and often discussed what Morgana might be after. They eventually managed to locate the rest of their men, who had been keeping an ear out for any useful information but had been unable to learn anything about what they were supposed to be digging for. One night soon afterward, Percival was shaken awake by Gwaine, who claimed to have seen a strange light in the caverns. The light reappeared a little while later and Gwaine decided to follow it, telling Percival to cover for him. He didn't come back.

Though worried about Gwaine, Percival continued digging with the rest of the knights. Eventually he was discovered by Arthur and Merlin, who had set out with the other Knights to search for the missing patrol. Arthur gave him a sword and instructed him to find more weapons and arm the rest of the knights. He and Merlin then proceeded deeper into the tunnels in search of Gwaine, while Percival knocked out the rest of the guards and passed out their weapons to the slaves, who he then led in battle against the rest of the Saxons. At some point he came across Mordred supporting a wounded Arthur, who he helped to the surface.

Later, back in Camelot, Percival attended Mordred's knighting ceremony alongside the rest of the court (Arthur's Bane).

Attacked by The Spirit of Uther[]

Just before it happened. I sensed something, like there was someone there, watching me.
Percival about his accident in the armoury[src]

Percival senses someone watching.

When Arthur used the Horn of Cathbhadh to speak with the spirit of his father, he accidentally released the spirit into the living world. Uther disapproved of some of the things that Arthur had done as king, including his decision to allow commoners to become knights, and his spirit soon began to make his displeasure known. Percival was present at the meeting of the Round Table when the doors to the council chamber mysteriously opened and closed by themselves. Momentarily unnerved, the council nevertheless continued with their conference until the chandelier suddenly broke loose and crashed down on the center of the table, damaging it and greatly startling the knights. 

Later, Percival was alone in the armoury when he suddenly sensed someone watching him. Unnerved, he called out to see who was there, and was startled when a shield - which had been hanging securely on the wall - suddenly fell to the ground. When he went to investigate, an axe fell flew off the weapon wrack and hit him in the arm. He had the wound tended by Merlin and Gaius, who pronounced it deep, but not life threatening. Though Percival ultimately viewed the incident as an accident, deciding that the axe must have just fallen, he also confided in the two that he thought he'd sensed something, like someone watching him, just before it happened (The Death Song of Uther Pendragon). 

Rescuing King Rodor[]

Held prisoner by Odin and Morgana.

When Princess Mithian and her maidservant fled to Camelot after Nemeth was conquered by Morgana and Odin, she enlisted Arthur's help to rescue her father, who had escaped with her but been too badly injured to make the full journey. Percival was one of the knights that Arthur took with him on this rescue mission, along with Merlin, Gaius, Mithian, and her maidservant, Hilda.

Like the other Knights, Percival was very concerned when Hilda found Merlin unconscious next to the stream where they'd made camp; he was the one who carried Merlin back to their camp sight. However, he nevertheless continued on to the Tomb of Ashkanar when Arthur decided that they couldn't afford to wait for Merlin to regain consciousness. They arrived at the Tomb later that day, Percival accompanying Arthur and Mithian inside while the rest of the knights remained outside. They found Mithian's father, but he was neither injured not alone; he was being held by prisoner by Odin and a squadron of men. The rescue mission was really a trap orchestrated by Morgana, who had used an ageing spell to disguise herself as Hilda.

Percival and Arthur fought valiantly, but were ultimately defeated. Percival was restrained while Arthur was made to kneel before Odin, who intended to execute him. Before this could happen, however, Merlin - who had recovered from his head injury and gone after the group with Gwaine - used his magic to create a small earthquake. Taking advantage of the confusion, Percival and Arthur managed to escape with Merlin, Mithian, and Rodor. Percival was then ordered to lead Mithian and her father out of danger while Arthur dealt with Odin (Another's Sorrow).

The Disir[]

The Knights at the Court of the Disir.

Percival was one of the knights who accompanied Arthur on the search for the sorcerer Osgar. He joined the other Knights in teasing Mordred along the way, and when the group decided to split up to search the forest, Percival went with Leon.

Later, he went with Arthur and the rest of the Knights to the [The White Mountains|White Mountains]] to answer the judgement of the Disir. While searching for the sorceresses in a cave, Percival took a relic from the cave wall and deliberately stepped on it (The Disir).

The Dark Tower[]

I had the same dream. I was lost in a forest, the trees had claws, and when I finally escaped it there was a plain..."
"Empty as far as the eye can see, except..."
"Beyond the skyline there was a black pillar of stone.
Percival and Leon recounting their dream[src]

Percival tracking Gwen's trail.

Percival was one of the Knights who escorted Gwen and Elyan on their pilgrimage to visit their father's grave. The group was attacked by snakes sent by Morgana on the way back, with Percival and Leon quickly falling victim to their bites. Gwaine and Elyan urged Guinevere to ride on without them, but to no avail; she was kidnapped. Later, after Percival and Leon recovered, Arthur, the Knights, and Merlin set out to look for her. They discovered her horse abandoned in the woods, as well as a trail heading east.

The Knights followed the trail until night fall, with Percival acting as the group's tracker. Though Arthur wanted to continue, Merlin managed to convince him to let the group make camp before they lost the trail for good. A few hours later, Percival and Leon both woke from the same nightmare of a tower beyond a forest and a plain. The fact that both had had the same dream after being bitten by Morgana's snakes earlier led Arthur to believe that she had taken Gwen to the Dark Tower, and was now trying to lure him there as well. He resolved to journey there alone, but Percival and the other Knights insisted on accompanying him all the way.

The next day the group arrived at a cliff that gave them a clear view of the Tower, as well as the first obstacle that stood between them and it: the Impenetrable Forest. The Knights spent most of the day hacking their way through the forest. The foliage was so dense that Percival broke a sword on it and Gwaine tore his cloak on a branch. Eventually they came to the realization that they'd been going in circles. Thoroughly discouraged, the group made camp for the night and set out again in the morning, intending to find their way back to the clearing they'd first seen the Tower from. Merlin, however, managed to convince them that he could find the way out, and (using his magic) successfully did so. Free of the forest, the Knights then arrived at their next obstacle: The Dollares Plaines.

The Knights react to Elyan's death.

The Knights journeyed across the Plaines to the Tower, dealing with both a blistering sun and blistering feet along the way. Eventually they arrived at the Tower itself. They followed a staircase to a room filled with booby traps, which they discovered when the flag stones on the floor reacted to pressure, setting off arrows that wounded Percival in the leg. Elyan, who was a little ways ahead of the others, made his way across the room by using his sword to test the stones before stepping on them. The others were quick to follow his lead, but upon reaching the doorway Elyan decided to go on without them, determined to rescue his sister. When Percival and the others finally caught up to him, they found Gwen unharmed and Elyan lying dead in her arms.

Percival later attended Elyan's funeral at the lake alongside his fellow knights and the rest of the court of Camelot (The Dark Tower).

Arthur Poisoned[]

That was no wind. That was sorcery.
Percival to the other Knights[src]

Percival at Tyr's sentencing.

Some time later, Arthur was ambushed by bandits while out riding with Guinevere on their anniversary. When it was discovered that his saddle had been tampered with, Percival was one of the knights sent to search the house of the king's stablehand, Tyr Seward. Percival was the one who discovered the thread that Tyr had used to restitch the girth, and was present in the council chamber when Tyr was tried and sentenced to death. He later accompanied Arthur, Leon, Merlin, and Gaius to the cells to examine Tyr's body after it was discovered that he had been stabbed to death in the night.

When it was discovered that Arthur had been poisoned, Percival stood with the other Knights as Gaius made his diagnosis and Gwen accused Merlin of the crime. Later, when Merlin escaped from the dungeons disguised as Dragoon, Percival was one of the knights who responded to the warning bell. He met up with Gwaine, Leon, and Mordred in the courtyard, and was greatly startled when every torch in the square went out at once, declaring it to be sorcery (A Lesson in Vengeance).

Final Adventures[]

Percival was among the knights present in the courtyard when [[Sarrum|Sarrum of Amata] arrived to discuss an alliance with Arthur. Later, he and the rest of the court was present in the council chambers to witness the two kings sign a treaty that would establish an alliance between their kingdoms (The Hollow Queen).

Some time later, Percival, Mordred, and the other Knights of the Round Table were sent on a patrol to locate a renegade sorceress and her accomplice. They ran into Merlin in to the woods, who claimed to be gathering herbs for Gaius. Though Merlin wanted to return to Camelot in light of their errand, the Knights placed him under protective custody instead, as they didn't want him traveling alone with both a dangerous sorceress and Saxons on the loose. However, Mordred allowed Merlin to leave during the night, and the Knights continued their patrol without him.

The next day they came across the body of a knight whose face had been covered with excess skin. They rushed the knight back to Camelot, where Gaius identified the disfigurement as a ragaid, a magical declaration of war (The Kindness of Strangers).

Percival later accompanied Arthur, Merlin, and the other Knights on a hunting trip, during which they came across a dead Camelot patrol. Determining the scene to be the result of a Saxon raid, the group searched for survivors and then returned to Camelot.

Later, after one of the perpetrators had been captured, Percival attended Kara's trial in the council chambers, during which she was sentenced to death. When Mordred responded to this by breaking her out of prison and running off with her - Kara killing a guard in the escape - Percival was one of the knights that Arthur took with him to apprehend them. They caught up with the two in the woods, where Mordred begged the king to allow them to leave, promising that they would never return. He appealed to several of the Knights for help, but all remained loyal to Arthur.

Percival was later present in the council chamber when Arthur attempted to offer Kara a deal, promising to spare her from the death penalty if she repented of her crimes. Kara refused, and was executed the following morning, shortly after which Mordred escaped from the cells (The Drawing of the Dark).

The Battle of Camlann[]

What do they call this place?"
"Camlann, sire."
"Then it is at Camlann that we make our stand.
Arthur and Percival[src]

Percival in the Battle of Camlann.

In the wake of Mordred and Morgana's attack on Fort Stowell, Percival was present at the meeting of the Round Table wherein the council discussed Morgana's plans for war and decided on Camelot's response. Arthur ultimately chose to make their stand at Camlann rather than the Citadel in order to minimize civilian casualties, and Camelot's army set off at sundown. Percival and Leon rode ahead at some point to scout out Morgana's army, discovering that her forces would reach Camlann by the following evening and that her army outnumbered theirs 5 to 1.

Upon arriving at Camlann, Camelot's army set up camp and took their positions. When Arthur realized that night that Morgana intended to use a hidden path through the mountains to ambush them, Percival and Gwaine were ordered to take a patrol of men and find it. Arthur and the rest of Camelot's forces joined them after they'd located the path, and together they waited for Morgana's army to arrive.

Percival survived the Battle of Camlann, and likely took part in the search for Arthur afterward. He eventually returned to the Citadel with the rest of Camelot's army when no trace of the king could be found (The Diamond of the Day).


You know what you said you'd do if you ever found Morgana? Well, we've got a good idea where she'll be heading.
Gwaine to Percival[src]

The death of Sir Gwaine.

After it was discovered that Gwaine's lover Eira was a traitor who had been reporting Camelot's movements to Morgana, she was sentenced to death and hanged in the Main Square. Percival stood with Gwaine as he watched from a castle window, and joined him in his quest for vengeance against Morgana.

Knowing that Eira's last message would lead Morgana to the forest near Brineved, the two knights lay in wait for her and set up an ambush. But though they succeeded in defeating what remained of her army, Percival even managing to land a blow to Morgana herself, their attack ultimately failed when the sorceress knocked them out with her magic. When he regained consciousness, Percival found himself tied between two trees some distance from Gwaine, who Morgana tortured for information on Arthur's whereabouts. His friend's agonized screams gave Percival the incentive to break free of his bonds. He rushed to Gwaine's side, but it was too late; Morgana was gone, having gotten the information she wanted, and Gwaine died moments later in Percival's arms.

Percival later attended Gwen's coronation when she ascended to the throne as Queen Regnant in the wake of Arthur's death (The Diamond of the Day).


Sir Percival holding a sword

Percival was a quiet, courageous man who preferred to let his considerable strength do the talking for him. He was friends with Lancelot (though it was never revealed how and when they met) and soon came to be good friends with Gwaine, though he was also close to Arthur, Merlin, and the other Knights of the Round Table.

Percival was decisive and extremely loyal. He was willing to pledge his allegiance to Arthur within moments of meeting him because they shared a common goal (The Coming of Arthur), and was willing to fight to the death in defense of both Camelot and what he believed to be right (The Coming of Arthur, His Father's Son, The Sword in the Stone, The Diamond of the Day).

Though a deadly and highly skilled warrior, Percival was often shown to be a softhearted and gentle soul. He risked his life to save three children he found hiding from the Dorocha. He spoke to them reassuringly and abandoned his torch - his only protection against the ghostly voices - in order to carry all three to safety (The Darkest Hour). He was also very gentle and protective of Lamia while she was in the form of a young girl, though this was partially because he was being influenced by her magic (Lamia).

Percival also had a bit of a mischievous streak, joining the other Knights in playing tricks on both Merlin (Aithusa) and Mordred (The Disir). He was often seen joking around with Gwaine, once attempting to steal a roast chicken from the castle kitchens with him (The Darkest Hour) and quickly joined in when he and the other Knights began teasing Elyan (A Herald of the New Age).


Arthur Pendragon[]

Percival and Arthur in battle.

Percival first met Arthur when he saved him and his allies from Morgana's immortal soldiers. United by a common goal, he pledged his allegiance to the Prince soon after, and was made a Knight of Camelot (The Coming of Arthur).

Percival and Arthur became good friends during Percival's time as a Knight. During his confrontation with Uther's spirit, Arthur defended his decision to make commoners such as Percival knights, as he recognized that Percival's courage mattered more than his birth (The Death Song of Uther Pendragon). In return, Percival was very loyal to Arthur, risking his life for him on multiple occasions (The Coming of Arthur, His Father's Son, The Sword in the Stone, The Diamond of the Day).


Percival and Merlin traverse the Dollares Plaines.

As Merlin often accompanied Arthur and the Knights on their adventures, he and Percival spent quite a bit of time together over the years and soon became good friends. Percival was often shown to tease Merlin, though only ever in a spirit of fun and never with any malice behind it (Aithusa).

Like the other Knights, Percival tended to look on Merlin as a younger brother and did his best to look after him. When Merlin was injured in a Dorocha attack, Percival was deeply concerned and was very gentle when carrying him to his horse. Later, when Merlin was revealed to have recovered, Percival was greatly relieved and greeted him with a hug (The Darkest Hour).


Trying to steal food with Gwaine.

Perhaps the most mischievous of the Knights, Gwaine and Percival were best friends who loved to joke around together. When the castle was preparing for the Feast of Samhain, for example, the two (with Merlin's aid) attempted to steal a roast chicken from the castle kitchens, grinning like little boys (The Darkest Hour). This camaraderie also extended to missions, often teaming up together on missions. The only time they were ever shown arguing was when they were enchanted by the Lamia (Lamia).

Percival accompanied Gwaine on his quest for revenge against Morgana (at Gwaine's request). The two worked well together, easily taking out what remained of her army, but were ultimately defeated by the sorceress herself. When Gwaine was tortured for information on Arthur's whereabouts, his agonized screams gave Percival the strength to break free of his bonds. He rushed to his best friend's side, but he arrived too late, and Gwaine died in his arms, having told Morgana where Arthur and Merlin were heading. Percival tried to comfort Gwaine in his final moments, insisting that Morgana had forced the information out of him.

After Gwaine had passed, Percival was deeply saddened, bowing his head in respect and shaking with anger and sorrow. Later, when Guinevere was crowned Queen Regnant of Camelot, Percival's expression was one of sorrow and despair, likely due to the loss of both Arthur and Gwaine (The Diamond of the Day).


Percival and Lancelot at the Feast of Samhain.

Percival first appeared in Lancelot's company, though it was never stated how or when the two met. When Lancelot received word that Camelot was under attack, Percival chose to accompany him on his quest to aid Prince Arthur and his allies. They arrived just in time to help the group escape from immortal soldiers, and later volunteered to take part in Arthur's plan to free his father from the castle dungeon. Both were subsequently made Knights of Camelot (The Coming of Arthur).

As Knights, Percival and Lancelot went on many adventures and fought alongside one another countless times. Percival was very sad when Lancelot sacrificed himself to the banish the Dorocha, and attended his memorial along with the rest of the Knights (The Darkest Hour). He was overjoyed when Lancelot returned to Camelot some time later, apparently having survived his encounter with the veil, and was excited when Lancelot was to face Arthur in the tournament finals. It is unknown how Percival reacted to Lancelot's affair with Guinevere, or to his subsequent suicide (Lancelot du Lac).


Percival and Leon

Leon was a close friend of Percival's and a fellow Knights of the Round Table. They went on many adventures together and made an effective team. Though Leon was of a more serious nature, he and Percival often joked around together much in the same way that Percival did with Gwaine. They joined the other Knights in playing a trick on Merlin (Aithusa), teasing Elyan (A Herald of the New Age), and playing an initiation joke on Mordred (The Disir).

At the conclusion of the series, Percival and Leon were the only Knights of the Round Table remaining after the deaths of Lancelot (The Darkest Hour), Elyan (The Dark Tower), Arthur, and Gwaine. Both were present at Guinevere's coronation as Queen Regnant of Camelot (The Diamond of the Day).


Percival and Elyan

Elyan was a close friend of Percival's and a fellow Knight of the Round Table. They were generally shown to get along well (though Percival, like Gwaine, could occasionally get on Elyan's nerves when he joined in Gwaine's pranks) and faced many dangers together over the years.

When the Dorocha attacked Camelot and Percival had to leave his torch behind to carry three children to safety, Elyan risked his life to chase the ghost away from him with his own torch (The Darkest Hour). And when Percival, Arthur, and Merlin were forced to go on the run during Morgana's second attack on Camelot, Percival was delighted to discover that Elyan had also managed to escape when they ran into him in the woods. Later, after Elyan was captured and held prisoner, Percival was one of the knights who freed him from Camelot's dungeons (The Sword in the Stone).


Mordred, Percival, Arthur, and Leon

Though there was little interaction between Mordred and Percival, as fellow Knights of Camelot they appeared to be close friends and who fought well together. Percival (like the other Knights) tended to treat Mordred as a little brother, similarly to how they treated Merlin.

Percival also seemed to enjoy teasing Mordred. When he joined them on their search for the sorcerer Osgar, for example, Percival and the other Knights took great delight in playing a joke on him, listing things that the may have forgotten to pack and tricking him into riding his horse backwards by claiming that it was tradition for new knights to do so (The Disir).


It was his strength that brought them down.
Lancelot about Percival[src]

Defeating a Southron unarmed.

Percival was a highly skilled swordsman, able to hold his own against several of Morgana's immortal soldiers at once, and was one of the only Knights not to be injured doing so. He was also capable of considerable strength, able to move boulders with his bare hands in order to block a narrow passageway from above (The Coming of Arthur).

Percival often used his great strength to augment his swordsmanship, attacking with powerful blows that could overwhelm most opponents. However, as a skilled hand-to-hand combatant he was equally capable of defending himself with strength alone, on one occasion defeating half a dozen armed men with his bare hands (The Sword in the Stone).

In addition to his combat abilities, Percival had a keen pair of eyes and was a highly skilled tracker. He was the first to spot Julius Borden's footprints near a stream (Aithusa), tracks left by Morgana's horse after she kidnapped Guinevere (The Dark Tower), and the remains of a Saxon raid on a Camelot envoy, spying a crossbow bolt embedded in the dirt and then tracking its trajectory of the sight of the attack (The Drawing of the Dark). While searching for the sorcerer Osgar, he also managed to find a piece of the man's cloak that had been torn by a branch (The Disir), and was the first to spot Mordred and Kara in the woods when Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights were searching for them following their escape from Camelot (The Drawing of the Dark).


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In the Legends[]

Sir Percival was a Knight of the Round Table in Arthurian Legend. He was typically portrayed as the son of King Pellinore and the brother (and half-brother) of Sir Aglovale, Sir Lamorak, Sir Dornar, and Sir Tor. In some tales he also had a sister, Dindrane, who was the bearer of the Holy Grail. Percival was raised by his widowed mother deep in the forest, where he lived in ignorance as to the ways of arms and courtesy until he was around fifteen. When a group of knights passed through the woods, however, Percival was struck by their heroic bearing and - wanting to be knight himself - made his way to King Arthur's court, where he was eventually invited to join the Knights of the Round Table.

Percival is perhaps most famous for his involvement in the search for the Holy Grail. In the earliest story to feature him, Percevel, the Story of the Grail by Crétien de Troyes, Percival was a guest of the wounded Fisher King and a witness to the Grail procession. However, because he had been advised of the impoliteness of asking too many questions, he failed to recognize the significance of what he'd seen and did not ask the question that would have healed his injured host. When he learned of his mistake, Percival vowed to find the Grail castle again and fulfill his quest. It was shortly after this that Crétien's story broke off due to his sudden death, and remained unfinished until it was continued by various authors. Most later tales (such as Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur and Tennyson's The Holy Grail) cast Percival as one of three Grail knights, the others being Sirs Galahad and Bors.

Accounts differ as to what became of Percival outside of the Grail quest. In Crétien's story he had a sweetheart, Blanchefleur (the niece of his mentor Gornemant), who he married after defending her city against attackers. In other tales (such as Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival) he became the King of Carbonek after healing the Fisher King and had a son, Lohengrin, who was known as the Knight of the Swan. In still later tales he was depicted as a virgin who died after achieving the Grail quest.


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