If anyone can defeat him, Sir Pellinore can.
Uther to Arthur[src]

Sir Pellinore was a Knight of Camelot who was killed in a duel with Tristan de Bois.


Pellinore challenges Tristan

Pellinore accepts the duel

He took up the challenge of the Wraith after Sir Owain fell to Tristan de Bois. He, being a Knight of Camelot, was well trained and talented with a sword. He fought Tristan de Bois despite still bearing wounds sustained at Othanden, as stated by Arthur as he was trying to persuade Pellinore not to go through with the fight. Pellinore ignored Arthur and took the challenge, which eventually led to his death (Excalibur).

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King Pellinore was said to be of the royal line of St Joseph of Arimathea, the dynasty who guarded the Holy Grail. He was a son of King Pellam and brother of Kings Pelleas and Alain. Pellinore takes on various roles across different Arthurian stories. First he is called the "Maimed King". This character was wounded by a holy lance after doubting the powers of the Holy Grail. Like their monarch, his lands became sickly and barren; and neither were healed until his grand-nephew, Galahad, achieved his goal in the Grail Quest. Pellinore was father of the first grail-seeker, Percivale, and his brothers. Elsewhere, Pellinore was the pursuer of the strange 'Questing Beast'. He appeared at the court of the King Arthur and was immediately challenged by the monarch to a fight for the right to undertake this hunt. Pellinore was triumphant and Arthur accepted him into the Order of the Round Table. Later, in the King's service at the Battle of Dimilioc, he killed King Lot of Lothian and unwittingly started the blood feud between the two families, which ultimately led to his death at the hands of Lot's sons.

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