Arthur tries to ruin King Alined's attempt to prevent the negotiation from happening

The Peace of the Five Kingdoms was a lengthy negotiation between the rulers of the Five Kingdoms, including King Uther Pendragon, King Alined, King Olaf, and two other monarchs.

Among the issues under discussion were the exact borders of "northern territories" as well as "eastern territories". The Peace process was threatened by the machinations of Alined, whose servant Trickler administered a love potion to Arthur Pendragon, causing the prince to become infatuated with Lady Vivian in order to provoke the ire of Vivian's overprotective father. Trickler later administered the same potion to Vivian to cause her to reciprocate

Olaf was incensed by the display, and challenged Arthur to a duel, which Arthur accepted. Merlin managed to break Trickler's love spells before Arthur killed Olaf in battle, and Arthur defeated the king while sparing his life. The display was sufficient to bring Olaf back to the negotiations table, and the peace talks were successfully completed to Alined's chagrin (Sweet Dreams).

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