This spell ("Ic us bisen hræð tán hwanon") allowed Merlin to create a forged seal of nobility so that Lancelot
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Merlin magically makes Lancelot's seal of nobility.

could become a knight by faked credentials. Merlin copied the page from a book in the castle's library and changed it.


Morgana copies the plans to the siege tunnels of Camelot.

Morgana also used this spell, with the incantation "Write þás gelicnesse ond afæstne þa þæm clute þa". When Agravaine brought her the stolen plans to the siege tunnels of Camelot, she copied them on another piece of parchment so that King Arthur wouldn't have noticed they had been stolen. She placed the cloth under the genuine plans and chanted the spell. The drawings seemed to be so heated that they were imprinted on the parchment (The Hunter's Heart).
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