Also Known As: N/A
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Knights of Camelot
Enemies: Tristan de Bois
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Kyle Redmond-Jones
List of Appearances: Excalibur
I know no one braver
Arthur to Owain[src]
Sir Owain was a Knight of Camelot who was the first to take up the challenge of Tristan de Bois.


Sir Owain was a young and brave man however he was an inexperienced Knight of Camelot. He took the challenge much to the shock and concern of Arthur who told Morgana he should not have picked up the gauntlet and the court due to his inexperience. Arthur stated that they had never seen him fight, however Owain said that he had the same advantage, although Owain had never before fought in mortal combat and the rules were different. Gwen then appeared with a red cloth token Morgana wanted him to wear "for luck", which he takes promising to "wear it with pride". The token is seen later tied to his chain mail. Despite being trained by Arthur in combat he died as Tristan de Bois was raised from the dead as a Wraith through necromancy by Nimueh who was intending for the wraith to kill Uther instead, meaning that he was invulnerable to mortal weapons even though Owain managed to land a killer blow as witnessed by Merlin and thus Tristan managed to kill Owain (Excalibur).


Owain (died in 595) was one of the four sons of Urien, King of Reghed. He fought with his father against the Angles of Bernicia, in 590, and, after his father's death, became the king of Reghed, but not for a long time, since this kingdom lost his sovereignty to the Northumbria's. The principal source of the real existence of Owain, is the bard of Urien, Taliesin, in his poem Gweith Argoed Llwyfain (The Battle of Argoed Llwyfain).

In the legendEdit

Owain takes a major role in Arthurian legends. He was one of the earliest Knights mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth' Historia Regum britanniae. Chrétien de Troyes wrote a book about him, Yvain, the Knight of the Lion around 1170 and Thomas Malory, in Le Morte Darthur, made him the son of Morgan le Fay and King Urien, and subsequently the nephew of Arthur.


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Owain appeared to be a favourite of the Lady Morgana. Morgana begged Arthur to take Owain's place in the duel, and gave Owain her favours to wear. She has not been seen taking as much interest in another Knight, infering that she was good friends with Owain. However, this could of been because she saw his death in her dreams or visions, or because she knew Tristan was better in melee (either by guess or by hearing about Tristan and recognizing the seal and armour).

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