Also Known As:
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Tindr
Enemies: Gilli


Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Ian Burfield
List of Appearances: The Sorcerer's Shadow

Nollar was a thug who along with his companion Tindr, went to take part in the Decennial Tournament in Camelot. He along with Tindr, enjoyed bullying physically weaker people especially Gilli and Merlin. He was ultimately killed by Gilli who was using magic to increase his chances of victory.


Nollar was first seen meeting Gilli along with Tindr and they both bullied him and beat him up, before arriving at Camelot to participate in the Tournament. After arriving at Camelot, he almost killed Merlin when practicing and later bullied him by telling him to clean his shoes and whipping him, only to be stopped by Gilli who disarmed him after getting a sword by using magic and told him to get out. Nollar then fought in the Tournament and was initially overpowered by his first opponent but Nollar stabbed his opponent and beheaded him. Nollar then menacingly asked him which weapon he'd like to die by. He then fought Gilli who was his second and last opponent and cornered him with the help of Tindr. Before he could kill Gilli, he was knocked to the ground by Gilli who used his magic and headbutted Tindr before killing Nollar (The Sorcerer's Shadow).


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