Type: Kingdom
Appearances: Another's Sorrow
Mentions: The Hunter's Heart

Nemeth is a kingdom in Albion and a trusted ally of Camelot and is ruled by King Rodor.


For several years, Nemeth disputed Camelot's claim over the lands of Gedref, but after months of confidential negotiations an agreement was made. To cement that friendship, King Arthur Pendragon offered a union that could not be broken: his hand in marriage to her Royal Highness, Princess Mithian. Soon after the princess and her knights arrived in Camelot. She and Arthur got along well, but he was reminded of Guinevere and could not let go of his feelings for her. Therefore, with Merlin's advice, he called off the marriage to Mithian, offending and slighting her in the process, but also gave up Camelot's claim to the disputed lands as recompense. Mithian, asking who it was that could trump a princess, learned of Arthur's attachment to the Blacksmith's daughter, Gwen, and reacted generously, returning to her kingdom (The Hunter's Heart).

Nemeth later appeared where it was seen under attack- Odin's army had seized power. Mithian and Rodor were to cooperate with Odin and Morgana, under the guise of Hilda, and lure Arthur into a trap at the border where Odin would personally execute Arthur as revenge for killing his son (The Once and Future Queen). Arthur walked into the trap, but Odin's attempt was thwarted by an earthquake spell used by Merlin. Odin caught up with Arthur in the forest, and was defeated in a duel, and Arthur persuaded him to sign a treaty which would return Nemeth back into the hands of Mithian and Rodor (Another's Sorrow).


  • When Odin attacked Nemeth with his army, Mithian stated that Nemeth was merely caught off guard by Odin's brutal attack and similar to the Southron attack on Camelot it was conducted at night, it is therefore unknown as to how they would have fared against Odin if they had been prepared for battle.



Merlin 5×04 Morgana and Mithian "Another's Sorrow"

Merlin 5×04 Morgana and Mithian "Another's Sorrow"


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