Also Known As: Τhe most feared assassin in all the known lands
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: King Odin
Enemies: Arthur Pendragon
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Adrian Lester
List of Appearances: The Once and Future Queen
You are Myror? Legend has it, you are the most feared assassin in all the known lands
Myror was a skilled assassin hired by King Odin to kill Prince Arthur, who had previously killed Odin's son in a duel. Myror always got his prey and was well known for it.


He first tried to acquire Arthur in the woods near Camelot because he had heard that the prince would be out hunting.
The Lance of Myror

Myror and his Lance

When the assassin realized that Arthur was nowhere in sight he hastily returned to Camelot to investigate the matter. He saw the young Pendragon in Gwen's home and tried to kill him there, but he was seen by the royal guard and thus forced to flee. He finally discovered that Arthur was partaking in the joust, albeit incognito. Myror murdered the last knight Arthur was supposed to fight and took his place. He planned to kill his prey by using a pike hidden in his lance. Though he managed to wound Arthur, Merlin intervened by breaking a strap on Myror's saddle. This distraction gave Prince Arthur the chance to slay his would-be assassin (The Once and Future Queen).


Myror was ruthless and often murdered people without hesitation or regret. However, he was able to put on a facade of a friendly person as shown when he questioned Merlin about the whereabouts of Arthur and Merlin's current master (which was actually Arthur in disguise).



Series 2
The Once and Future Queen
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