Morgause's enchanted Fortress III
Morgause's enchanted Fortress
Location: Unknown
Type: Castle
Appearances: The Sins of the Father
Morgause's Fortress is one of the bases in which Morgause resided and practiced magic, such as scyring and resurrecting the dead, or creating illusions of the dead. It appears in only one episode.

Guided by Arthur's enchanted horse, Arthur and Merlin had to cross a lake and a waterfall to reach it. It was in a courtyard of the Castle within which Morgause challenged Arthur. She asked him to put his head on the block and pretended to let the axe she was holding falling on his neck. She tested if Arthur was truly a man of his word and to reward his courage and honesty, she granted him to see his mother and talk to her. Then he learned the truth about his birth (The Sins of the Father).

The fortress did not appear nor was mentioned in any episodes after The Sins of the Father. It is most likely that Morgause abandoned the fortress after discovering that Arthur's views had remained the same on those who practice magic after he met his mother, Ygraine, who told him the secret of his birth, and Merlin convinced Arthur it was a lie.

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  • The scene is probably inspired by the famous biblical sacrifice of Abraham. God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on Moria's hill. He wanted only to test the faith of Abraham and was never intended to let him sacrifice his son.
  • If we compare the third image of the gallery and the last one, we see that they are exactly the same. Arthur and Merlin were incrusted in the last one.


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