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So, it's whether I wear this little tease or give them a night they'll really remember.
Morgana to Gwen[src]

The Wardrobe of the former Lady Morgana Pendragon has a wider variety of clothing and accessories than any other character. Throughout the series she has worn several different outfits to numerous occasions, and just during every day life. Being royalty, every one of her dresses, capes, and pieces of jewellery are exquisite and simply beautiful. From silky, colourful gowns to dark, lacey dress in series 4 and 5 and occasionally even combat attire, Morgana possesses a very varied wardrobe. Morgana enjoys wearing clothing that complement her striking features, including her dark hair and light eyes.

As a Lady of Camelot[]

As a High Priestess[]


  • Gwen and Morgana have each worn an outfit of the others’; in The Beginning of the End, Morgana wears Gwen’s usual pale red and off-white dress, with her homespun brick red cloak, when trying to get Mordred out of the city. And in Lancelot and Guinevere, when bandits lose Morgana, they decide to pass the injured Gwen off as her, so they can get paid by feared bandit leader Hengist- she wears Morgana’s signature gown; purple satin, embroidered with gold/sheer teal and gold overlay, with her cherry red velvet cloak.
  • Katie McGrath described her series 4 appearance as "A Goth Jessica Rabbit".
  • Morgana's clothes seem to reflect her journey from a lady to a dark witch.
  • She is also one of the two characters, the other being Morgause, to wear both armours suited for combat and High Priestess dresses suited for a priestess of the Old Religion.
  • Some viewers have noted that during the second and third seasons, Morgana tends to wear red or purple when acting against Camelot and green when feigning loyalty.