Morgana in her room during the beginning of series 3

Morgana's Chambers were located in the Camelot's citadel and were where many of her daily activities took place while she lived in the castle as the King's ward. The furniture consisted of a bed, a table and chairs, large drapes, a wardrobe and a dressing table. The colours were all pastel, and the furniture was elegant.

History[edit | edit source]

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

It is unknown how old Morgana was when she first started to occupy these chambers, although she presumably came to Camelot at Gorlois' death, which occurred when she was ten years old. If, however, she had for some reason been born in Camelot then she may well have occupied the rooms from birth until her eventual leaving of Camelot.

Mordred[edit | edit source]

When Merlin found Mordred, a young Druid boy, on the run in Camelot, he brought him to Morgana's chambers. Morgana surprised, hid Mordred behind a screen in her room as the guards came to search for him. She lied to the guards that she had not seen the boy. She then tended to Mordred, who had been injured beforehand, as the wound became infected and his condition worsened. When Arthur came to her chambers to look again for the boy, she tricked him into not searching her rooms properly by telling him to look behind the screen, which was where Mordred actually was, which Arthur took to be her mocking him. Mordred left her chambers when she and Arthur smuggled him back to his people.

Alvarr[edit | edit source]

When Alvarr and Mordred wanted the Crystal of Neahtid, they both paid Morgana a visit in her chambers and convinced her to steal the crystal (The Witch's Quickening).

Morgana's Absence[edit | edit source]

When Morgana turned on Camelot and left the citadel, her rooms presumably remained vacant.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Morgana's chambers appeared in most of the first, second and third series of Merlin. They appeared once later during the Duel between Guinevere and Morgana which took place in Morgana's chambers. 

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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