Morgana thanks Arthur for the present

We were afraid that you would miss Lady Morgana's birthday.
Uther to Arthur[src]
Morgana's Birthday was a lavish event held shortly before her betrayal was revealed to all of Camelot.


The birthday of Morgana was celebrated lavishly with a grand feast in her honour. Morgana received many gifts, including jewellery from Uther, a jewelled dagger from Arthur, brushes, cloth (which she later gave to Gwen) and a magic mirror, with a hidden message from Morgause. Later, she fell down a flight of stairs after falling backwards from a flame Merlin made flare up. He did this to stop his belief that Morgana was going to kill Uther, when in fact, she was going to visit her sister. It was Merlin's actions that made her try to kill Uther, after she discovered that he was her biological father, overhearing Uther tell Gaius this while she was in a coma. Due to that event, Morgana learnt the truth of her birth and it was the beginning of her many attempts on the throne of Camelot (The Crystal Cave).


  • Merlin gets dressed for the feast
  • Merlin at the feast

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