Do as your king commands! Give your money to Pudsey, or I’ll chop your head off.

Merlin in Need is a special episode made for Children in Need 2008 during the course of the first series of Merlin, which was broadcasted on 14 November 2008.

Synopsis Edit

A mysterious yellow creature with one eye appears in Camelot. Money has to be raised to appease it and save Merlin from being put in the stocks.


Uther, Arthur and Gaius are discussing the peace within Camelot when they hear a loud growl. Merlin rushes into the throne room, telling them that he has seen a terrifying yellow creature with one eye.

Uther tells Arthur to ride out straight away and kill it. However Gaius consults his book of creatures and states that it is a "Pudsey" - a creature of charity - and says the only way to defeat it is to donate it money. In order to encourage the people of Camelot to do so, Gaius suggests someone amuse the people by going to the stocks and having fruit thrown at them - Merlin.

Merlin goes to the stocks and the people of Camelot give money in order to throw fruit and vegetables at him.

A large amount of money is raised by the people of Camelot and Merlin is allowed out of the stocks. Uther praises the people of Camelot for their generosity. Merlin stumbles into the throne room just as Uther states that he wishes to donate money to the Pudsey every year, to which Gaius says Merlin would be happy to help. Merlin rolls his eyes as Arthur throws a tomato at him.

The episode closes with Uther sitting in his throne telling the audience that as their king he orders them to give money to Children in Need - or he'll chop their heads off!



Story notesEdit

  • This episode was played during Children in Need 2008 on BBC One!
  • The saving of Merlin from the stocks is from the audience (People of Camelot) giving money in the BBC studio.
  • Producer Julie Gardner had also been involved in the production of two Doctor Who mini-episodes for the Children in Need appeal. Unlike those efforts, which were written to be part of that show's continuity and did not include any references to the appeal, the Merlin scene features the Children in Need mascot, Pudsey, and ends with Uther breaking the fourth wall and advising viewers to donate. As such, it's unlikely this scene can be fit into the general continuity of the series.

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