This page exists so that users can request assistance from an administrator. You can leave a message here if you:

  • Want a signed user or a lurker in the woods to be blocked or banned from chat(only for signed users) due to vandalism.
  • Want a spam or nonsense page, category page, blog post page to be deleted if it does not match with the criteria in our Community.
  • Want a page to be protected, or a project to be started (like the Merlin Arena or the Petition page).

Blocking RequestsEdit

When reporting users, please use Template:Request. The fields to be filled are



Merlinstupid10009(no actual username) (talk · contribs · editcount · logs · block log)

Reported for Vandalism on <insert page name> page. MorganaMorgana PendragonForever

Done! MorganaMorgana PendragonForever

Add your own Requests Here, as shown aboveEdit

Deletion RequestsEdit

I'd like to delete all of blog posts/comments if it's not too much trouble, please. Just wanting a new start :

  • ===Episode ratings box===
  • It's annoying and stupid and spoils the content of the pages. At least *tell them to get a cancel button on there.Kendroche (talk) 10:28, August 2, 2014 (UTC)

Protection RequestsEdit

Add the pages that you want to see protected here (including your signature and page name, as well as your reasons, if you want your request to be taken into consideration).

Other Requests(Page creation, new projects e.t.c)Edit

Would like some pages currently appearing to be blocked for editing to be open for editing.  Arthur is one, much of series one, many pages on series 5.  Grammar is dreadful on some of these pages.  Facts are a bit questionable on some pages as an example see the latter parts of Arthur.  Many of these pages will take time to get them decent and I am sure there are many out there (see comments to the Arthur page) as one example of frustration with inaccuracies and desire for editing.


  • Thank you for your request. It will be considered, however there is a danger in unprotecting such main articles for anonymous users. Some of those, due to not being registered, use this "freedom" to vandalise on articles, while some others make very good work. So it is a risk unprotecting those articles for everyone. A good solution that would benefit everyone would be for the users who are willing to help the wiki in any way they can, to join as signed users. The pages are unprotected for them in just a few days. Still, I will discuss this issue with other admins. Thank you once again. MorganaMorgana PendragonForever21:53,1/16/2013

Chat Moderator/Rollback User/Administrator RequestsEdit

Ironloki (talk · contribs · editcount · logs · block log)

Chat Moderator + Rollback


Not done, blocked for vandalism. MorganaMorgana PendragonForever01:34,1/1/2013

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