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==Merlin Series 6==
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Merlin creators Julian Murphy and Johnny Caps said that the tv show might continue after fifth series.
"We have always planned five series, but it depends how popular the show is. There is every possibility that it could continue." Creators told.
They also answered some questions:
Will we ever see Merlins mother again?
- There’s every chance! Wait and see!
Will Uther return?
-We loved working with Tony Head, we’ve got plenty of ideas as to how Uther could return! But when, we’re not sure.
Will we see Morgause again?
-Who knows?? There’s no such thing as real death in Merlin.
Will Merlin reunite with Freya?
-She’s important to the legend, so there’s a good chance they will reunite, yes!
-Will there be more scenes between Gwen & Elyan?
-There’s a big Elyan story coming up – their sibling relationship is tested, but it’s not quite how you might imagine it.

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Merlin1 Series 6 pertition

Vote if you want a Merlin Series 6

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