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Merlin The Game was officially announced on June 18, 2012.

It centers around the popular television drama 'Merlin'.

It is a facebook game, and features real-time cooperative play.

Creator in chief at Bossa Studios Imre Jele said: "We have carefully crafted the game to capture the very essence of the world's most famous sorcerer.

"Players can explore magical lands while adventuring alongside trusty allies in the Crystal Cave, knocking out ferocious Wilddeoren rats or uniting with one of their favourite characters like Merlin or Arthur."

Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps, executive producers at Shine TV, added: "Each step allows the player to become more immersed into a wider universe of Camelot; we are amazed at the attention to detail.

"Fans of the show are sure to love the opportunity to create and follow their own destinies!"

The game  opened in beta at Comic-Con International from July 12-15 and fans and gamers were recruited for trials.

The official launch of Merlin: The Game coincided with the premiere of season five of Merlin on BBC One in Autumn 2012.
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Merlin The Game - Trailer Merlin

Merlin The Game - Trailer Merlin

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