Your clothes are making me itch all over, it's like having fleas.
Arthur on Merlin's clothes[src]

The Wardrobe of Merlin mostly contains outfits that he wears on a day to day basis. Typically, he is wearing either a blue shirt with a red scarf or a red shirt with a blue scarf, which are usually combined with his brown jacket and boots. His jacket does vary in color, from the light brown to a more russet color. Sometimes his scarf and his shirt are the same colour. Although on several occasions he is found in something different, for example, his more formal clothes on The Poisoned Chalice and The Sword in the Stone, the first being the celebration for the alliance of Uther and Bayard and the other one being Queen Guinevere's crowning. In his older version ( Dragoon the Great/Emrys) he wears red robes. In his older version while pretending to be a sorceress known as the Dolma, he wore a black dress similar to a cloak which Morgana wore as a high preistess. Examples of his clothes are in the gallery below.



  • The producers have explained that Merlin's neck scarf and shirt and jacket are his trademark clothes what he's known by to the fans.
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