Alator Gaius fire s04e07

Alator torments Gaius with a ring of fire.

The magical mental torture is a form of torture and a skill possessed by the Catha, the priests and warriors of the Old Religion, and only known by initiates. It was used to extract information from unwilling prisoners. This form of magic is based on the unstoppable, ancient and destructive power of Fire.

When Morgana, High Priestess of the Triple Goddess, asked Alator to abduct Gaius from Camelot and make him tell her who Emrys was, the Catha had the weakened victim lie on an altar and created a ring of fire around it with the fire spell "Ligfyr onbærne swiþe". He then chanted this words of power:

"Do not resist the fire. Let it into your mind. Let the flames search out your thoughts, feel them burn into the darkest recesses of your mind. Let them shine a torch on your deepest secrets and bring them to the light".

Gaius tried to resist Alator's magic by protecting himself with his own powers. He cast a spell to extinguish the flames ("Acwence þa bælblyse"), but the Catha was able to re-light the flames with another incantation ("Fyr wiþere"), stronger than before. He then continued with the torture, saying this words:

"Feel the fire roar deep within you. Feel your thoughts begin to simmer. Let them flee the rushing flames, let them run like boiling oil. Let them escape. Allow them free, Gaius".

In the end, Alator's magic was too strong for Gaius to resist it, and the Priest forced him to reveal Emrys' real identity (The Secret Sharer).

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