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Merlin against Nimueh

A magical duel is a duel which mainly involves two or more sorcerers and magical creatures fighting each other with magic. It could also include sorcerers using magic to fight other people who do not have magic.

List of Magical DuelsEdit

Participants Circumstances Outcome Episode
Merlin vs. Edwin Muirden When Gaius tried to stop Edwin from killing Uther, Edwin trapped him in a rope of fire but Merlin intervened (Duel between Merlin and Edwin Muirden). After Merlin refused his offer to join him, Edwin hurled an axe at Merlin but he stopped it in mid flight, then threw it back at Edwin, killing him and saving Gaius. A Remedy to Cure All Ills
Merlin vs. Tauren Merlin tried to kill Tauren with his Sidhe staff after killing his henchman to foil his attempt on Uther's life (Duel between Merlin and Tauren). Tauren deflected Merlin's killing magic back at him with the Mage Stone, overpowering him, but he survived. To Kill the King
Merlin vs. Nimueh Merlin attacked Nimueh after confronting her in the Isle of the Blessed. (Duel between Merlin and Nimueh). Nimueh overcame Merlin after a fierce battle but he recovered and struck her with lightning, killing her. Le Morte d'Arthur
Merlin vs. the Goblin When Gaius was possessed by a Goblin, Merlin discovered this and the Goblin attacked him. (Duel between Merlin and the Goblin) Merlin outmatched the Goblin by deflecting the knife it hurled at him; however he was unable to kill the Goblin, as it would also kill Gaius. Goblin's Gold
Merlin vs. the Sidhe elder When the Sidhe elder discovered that Merlin knew that Princess Elena was a Changeling, he attacked Merlin in his sleep. (Duel between Merlin and the Sidhe elder). Merlin eventually killed the Sidhe elder with his staff. The Changeling
Merlin and Gaius vs. Morgause Morgause attacked Merlin with her magic when he attempted to destroy the immortal army (Showdown with Morgause). Gaius arrived and attacked Morgause with his powers but before she could attack him, Merlin recovered and slammed her against a pillar, badly wounding her. The Coming of Arthur: Part Two
Merlin vs. Morgana Merlin sneaked into Morgana's Hovel as Dragoon the Great to try and kill the mother Fomorroh until he came face to face with Morgana (Duel between Emrys and Morgana). They both knock each other down using stunning spells until Morgana got knocked unconscious by Merlin's whirlwind spell. A Servant of Two Masters
Merlin vs. Lamia When Merlin confronted the Lamia they engaged in a magical duel until Merlin wounded it by hurling a sword at it; however, it survived and transformed into an enormous monster which forced Gwen to protect Merlin. The Lamia managed to overpower both Gwen and Merlin, preparing to kill them; Merlin attempted to attack it again with his magic but Arthur killed it by throwing a spear at it. Lamia


  • Edwin casts a stunning spell on Gaius.
  • Gaius is trapped by Edwin's fire spell.
  • Edwin Muirden makes an axe fly against Merlin during their duel.
  • Merlin stops the ax.
  • Merlin uses his Sidhe staff to cast deadly bolts.
  • Tauren absorbs Merlin's attack with the Mage Stone.
  • Merlin casts a fire spell against Nimueh.
  • Merlin and Nimueh's magical duel.
  • Nimueh's fire ball.
  • The High Priestess hits Merlin.
  • Merlin kills Nimueh with a lighting.
  • Gaius, possessed by the Goblin, throws a dagger at Merlin.
  • Merlin stops the knife.
  • The young warlock is forced to hold back the dagger.
  • The Sidhe elder attacks Emrys.
  • Merlin and the Sidhe elder's duel.
  • Merlin using his Sidhe staff.
  • The young warlock kills the Sidhe elder.
  • Merlin is caught by Morgause's magic.
  • Gaius defends his young apprentice.
  • Morgause is slammed against a pillar.
  • Morgana attacks Merlin during their duel.
  • Emrys is hit by Morgana's magic.
  • Morgana and Merlin fighting back the pain.
  • Emrys summons a whirlwind.
  • Morgana is badly injured.
  • The Lamia casts a stunning spell on Merlin.
  • Merlin sends a sword flying against his opponent.
  • Merlin is ready to use magic once more.
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