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The Mêlée is the ultimate test of strength and courage.
Arthur to Merlin[src]

The Camelot Mêlée is a celebrated event in Camelot, where knights from around the realm, arrive to compete in an epic battle in which competitors fight on horses with dulled swords until there is a last man standing. Dagr and Ebor disguised themselves as Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan so they could use enchanted swords, which looked blunt but were actually razor-sharp, to kill Arthur Pendragon in the mêlée, in revenge for a previous defeat in the tavern brawl. During the mêlée, Gwaine secretly went into the battle and aided Arthur, and together they defeated the two thugs (Gwaine).

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Merlin S3 E4 - The Melee

The Mêlée

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