Also Known As: King Lot
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Family: Cenred (possibly)
Affiliation: Essetir
Cenred (possibly)
Enemies: Camelot

Pendragon Family

Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Scott Menville
List of Appearances: The Sword in the Stone: Part One (Mentioned only)
The Sword in the Stone: Part Two) (Mentioned only)
King Lot is the current ruler of Essetir, replacing King Cenred who was killed under Morgause's orders. Lot also rules over many villages in this kingdom, including Ealdor.


He was described by Tristan as a person who dislikes strangers, known to cut off the heads of his enemies and hangs them on his walls. This reveals that he had traits of a cruel yet strong and brutal leader (The Sword in the Stone).


In the Legend Edit

King Lot was ruler over Gododdin in Northern Britain. While Lot was held hostage at Uther's Court, Lot and Anna-Morgause had a wild love-affair, resulting in the birth of their son Gawaine. Lot was then married to Anna Morgause and they had three more sons: Agravaine, Gaheris, and Gareth. As adults, all four of Lot and Anna-Morgause's sons became knights of Arthur's court. 

When King Uther fell ill, Lot became the leader of the British forces against the Saxons under Octa and Eosa. Lot was one of the principal kings that refused to accept Arthur when he pulled forth the sword and was crowned as Uther's successor. In the ensuing civil war, Lot was one of the main opposing kings, often holding the other kings together by the sheer strength of his personality. In the struggle between Arthur and Rience, Arthur did battle before Terrabil against King Lot and Rience's brother, Nero. Merlin deceived Lot with a tale of prophecy causing Lot to arrive on the battlefield late.

In the final assault, Lot was slain by Pellinore. Lot, along with his fellow kings slain in the battle, were interred in the Church of Saint Stephen's in Camelot. Arthur made Lot's tomb richer than the other kings and had Merlin create an image of each of the kings in laton and copper overgilt with gold, each holding a taper that burnt eternally, and over the twelve an image of Arthur holding a sword. Lot's death was be avenged by his son, Gawaine.  

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