Locking/Unlocking spells
Type: Magic
Place of origin: Old Religion

Locking/Unlocking spells are elementary types of enchantments used to open or lock doors, locks, grates, caskets, cabinets and many others. Casting a spell of this kind may be more demanding of a sorcerer when another magic user has put a spell on the object that counteracts the warlock's or witch's effort.

The know locking or unlocking spells have been used in these occasions:


  • Merlin opens Valiant's door.
  • Nimueh opens Bayard's door.
  • Merlin blows off a gate.
  • Merlin unlocks Lady Catrina's cupboard
  • Merlin locks the council room's door.
  • Merlin opens Aredian's cupboard.
  • Merlin opens Freya's cell.
  • Freya is freed.
  • Merlin locks Vivian in a wardrobe.
  • Merlin sets the Dragon free.
  • Morgause's spell on the chains.
  • The Goblin is freed.
  • Merlin's spell on the lock.
  • Grunhilda tries to open the grate's lock.
  • Grunhilda blows off the grate.
  • Morgana sneaks into Camelot using an opening spell.
  • Morgana sneaks into Caerleon's castle.
  • Merlin casts a non-verbal spell on the door of council room.
  • The lock is magically broken.
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