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Series final - fulfilling destiniesSerketSerpent Shield
Shield SpellShine LimitedShould Morgana have recieved a better ending in the finale?
Showdown with EmrysShowdown with MorganaShowdown with Morgause
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The Castle of FyrienThe ChangelingThe Chronicles of Beltane
The Coming of ArthurThe Coronation of King ArthurThe Coronation of Queen Catrina
The Coronation of Queen GuinevereThe Coronation of Queen MorganaThe Court of the Disir
The Crystal CaveThe Curse of Cornelius SiganThe Dark Tower (Location)
The Dark Tower (episode)The Darkest HourThe Death Song of Uther Pendragon
The Diamond of the DayThe Disir (Court)The Disir (episode)
The Dorocha's AttackThe Dragon's CallThe Dragon's Den
The Drawing of the DarkThe Eye of the PhoenixThe Fires Of Idirsholas
The Fires of IdirsholasThe First CodeThe Gates of Avalon
The GleemanThe Great PurgeThe Great Seas of Meredor
The Hollow QueenThe Horn of CathbhadhThe Hunter's Heart
The Kilgharrah Conspiracy TheoryThe Kindness of StrangersThe Labyrinth of Gedref
The Lady of the LakeThe Last DragonlordThe Mark of Nimueh
The Merlin ArenaThe Moment of TruthThe Nightmare Begins
The Once and Future QueenThe Poisoned ChaliceThe Quest for Morgana
The Real Merlin and ArthurThe Rising SunThe Royal Library
The Secret SharerThe Sins of the FatherThe Sorcerer's Shadow
The Sword in the StoneThe Tears of Uther PendragonThe Triple Goddess
The VeilThe Wedding of King Uther and Lady CatrinaThe White Mountains
The Wicked DayThe Witch's QuickeningThe Witchfinder
Thomas CollinsTime MagicTimeline
TindrTo Kill the KingTom
Tom (miner)Tom EllisTom Hopper
Tom MeredithTomb of AshkanarTony Guilfoyle
Top TrumpsTortureTournament of Camelot
Transcript:A Herald of the New AgeTranscript:A Lesson in VengeanceTranscript:A Remedy to Cure All Ills
Transcript:A Servant of Two MastersTranscript:AithusaTranscript:Another's Sorrow
Transcript:Arthur's BaneTranscript:Beauty and the Beast: Part OneTranscript:Beauty and the Beast: Part Two
Transcript:ExcaliburTranscript:Goblin's GoldTranscript:Gwaine
Transcript:His Father's SonTranscript:LamiaTranscript:Lancelot
Transcript:Lancelot and GuinevereTranscript:Lancelot du LacTranscript:Le Morte d'Arthur
Transcript:Love in the Time of DragonsTranscript:Merlin in Need (2008)Transcript:Merlin in Need (2009)
Transcript:Queen of HeartsTranscript:Sweet DreamsTranscript:The Beginning of the End
Transcript:The Castle of FyrienTranscript:The ChangelingTranscript:The Coming of Arthur
Transcript:The Crystal CaveTranscript:The Curse of Cornelius SiganTranscript:The Dark Tower
Transcript:The Darkest HourTranscript:The Death Song of Uther PendragonTranscript:The Diamond of the Day
Transcript:The DisirTranscript:The Dragon's CallTranscript:The Drawing of the Dark
Transcript:The Eye of the PhoenixTranscript:The Fires of IdirsholasTranscript:The Gates of Avalon
Transcript:The Hollow QueenTranscript:The Hunter's HeartTranscript:The Kindness of Strangers
Transcript:The Labyrinth of GedrefTranscript:The Lady of the LakeTranscript:The Last Dragonlord
Transcript:The Mark of NimuehTranscript:The Moment of TruthTranscript:The Nightmare Begins
Transcript:The Once and Future QueenTranscript:The Poisoned ChaliceTranscript:The Secret Sharer
Transcript:The Sins of the FatherTranscript:The Sorcerer's ShadowTranscript:The Sword in the Stone
Transcript:The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part OneTranscript:The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part TwoTranscript:The Wicked Day
Transcript:The Witch's QuickeningTranscript:The WitchfinderTranscript:To Kill the King
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