I have fought alongside you many times, there is no one that I would rather die for...
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Sir Leon is a loyal and trustworthy Knight of Camelot who served under both Uther and Arthur Pendragon. He became a Knight of the Round Table when he joined Arthur in his bid to retake the kingdom from Morgana and her sister Morgause, and soon became one Arthur's most trusted advisors. He is the only Knight of the Round Table (except Gwaine) who is of noble blood.


Early life

Little is known about Leon's early life, only that Gwen and Elyan's mother was once a maid in his family's household (The Coming of Arthur). He was from a family of noble blood, and at some point joined the Knights of Camelot.

As a Knight of Camelot

When Leon allowed Arthur to win a jousting match during training (and possibly did the same in the previous year's tournament), Arthur was greatly annoyed and became determined to prove that he could win without being given preferential treatment. He later defeated Leon in the tournament semi-finals while disguised as Sir William of Deira (The Once and Future Queen).

Leon was one of the knights who helped Arthur gather information on suspected magic users (and people suspected of consorting with magic users) when it appeared that someone had tried to assassinate Morgana (The Nightmare Begins).


Jonas stares at Leon.

When Uther was bewitched by a troll disguised as Lady Catrina, Leon was doubtful of the king's magically influenced decisions and appeared to disapprove of Uther's choice to strip Arthur of his title as Crown Prince. He was one of the knights sent to arrest Merlin when Catrina accused him of stealing her family seal, and was later amongst those who attempted to tell Uther that his new wife was a troll. He had to endure several council meetings with her, during which he tried to dissuade the king from introducing further taxes and advised that they decline Lord Bayard's offer of a visit (Beauty and the Beast).

Leon was amongst the knights who searched Gaius and Merlin's home for magical objects, and was the one who found the magical amulet that Aredian had planted to frame Merlin for sorcery (The Witchfinder).

When Arthur returned to Camelot after his meeting with Morgause, he was enraged at his father after having learned the true circumstances of his birth. Leon was looking over papers with Uther in the council chambers when Arthur arrived, and was instructed to guard the door. As such, he tried to prevent Merlin from entering the chamber, but was eventually persuaded to let him in when Merlin claimed that the king's life was in danger (The Sins of the Father).

When Morgause enchanted Morgana with a spell that made everyone in Camelot fall asleep, Leon was present in Uther's chambers when Gaius examined the king and ordered bedrest, believing him to be ill (The Fires of Idirsholas).


Sir Leon faces the Great Dragon.

Leon was amongst the knights who defended Camelot when it was attacked by the Great Dragon. He was the first to volunteer to ride out and face the Dragon with Arthur, and was injured by the beast's fiery breath (The Last Dragonlord).

Leon led the border patrol that spotted Cenred's army and reported it to the court. He later fought in the Great Battle for Camelot against Cenred's forces as well as the skeleton soldiers raised by Morgana (The Tears of Uther Pendragon).

Leon was with several other knights in the Rising Sun when Gaius - who had been possessed by a Goblin - insulted Leon and spit beer in his face. Enraged, the knight challenged him to a duel, but the Goblin quickly apologized and offered to buy him and his friends a drink. In light of his years of friendship with Gaius, Leon accepted his apology and forgave him. The next day boils broke out on his and his friends' faces, the result of a magical potion that the Goblin had used to spike their drinks. Desperate, Leon and the other knights went to Gaius for help, and were sold an antidote at an exorbitant price (Goblin's Gold).

During Gwaine's first stay in Camelot, Leon broke up a fight between him and two thugs disguised as knights. After Gwaine was arrested for breaking the knight's code, Leon was present at his trial (Gwaine).

Knight of the Round Table

We must convene the Council of War."
"They cannot be stopped. The soldiers, sire, they will not fall.
Uther and Leon[src]

Sir Leon drinks from the Cup of Life.

Leon was a member of the Camelot patrol that was attacked and killed for crossing the border into Cenred's land. The sight of the battle was eventually discovered by a group of Druids, who began searching for survivors and found that Leon was still alive. They took him back to their camp and healed him with water from the Cup of Life. Once recovered, Leon then returned to Camelot and informed Uther of what had happened, prompting the king to send Arthur to retrieve the Cup from the Druids before Cenred could discover it.

When Arthur failed to return from his quest, Leon was put in charge of a patrol tasked with finding him. After a day of searching they caught sight of Cenred's army (commanded by Morgause) marching for Camelot, and were swiftly run down by soldiers. Leon alone survived the attack, fleeing when he discovered that the soldiers couldn't be killed; Morgause had used the Cup to make the army immortal. He quickly made his way back to Camelot, where he related what he'd seen. Uther, however, ignored his warnings about the soldiers being immortal, and ordered him to prepare whatever defenses he could. The army reached Camelot that evening and attacked the following day. Both the city and citadel fell to the immortal army, after which Leon and the other Knights of Camelot were imprisoned in the castle dungeons and Morgana revealed herself to be a traitor, declaring herself Queen.

Leon Loyal-0

Sir Leon refuses to serve Morgana.

One week later, Leon was brought before Morgana and asked to swear fealty to her. He responded that his loyalty was to Uther and Prince Arthur, and that he would rather die than serve her. He and the other knights were then assembled in the Main Square before a firing squad, where they were asked once more to pledge their allegiance. The knights remained defiant, and Leon watched, horrified, as Morgana responded by having her soldiers shift their aim to the crowd, killing many innocent bystanders. Later, after being returned to the dungeons, Leon was visited by Morgana's maidservant Guinevere, who had been sent to talk him into declaring his loyalty. Instead, the two conspired to escape Camelot and find Arthur, as Leon believed that he knew where the prince might be hiding.

They conducted their escape that night. Gwen stole the keys to the cells from Morgause's chambers and smuggled them to Leon, and the two then fled Camelot disguised as women courtiers. Once safe in the woods, Leon shared his belief that Arthur was likely hiding in a cave in the Darkling Woods, which he knew to have a concealed entrance and access to water. His hunch proved to be correct, and they were reunited with Arthur and his allies later that day. Their joy was short-lived, however, as unbeknownst to Gwen and Leon, Morgause and Morgana had known of their plans to escape and allowed it in order to track them to Arthur's hiding place. With a patrol of immortal soldiers closing in, the group was forced to go on the run. They were ultimately saved by the arrival of Percival and Lancelot, who dropped boulders from above to block the narrow path and halt the soldiers' pursuit.


The first meeting of the Round Table.

With their former hideout compromised, Gwen and Leon accompanied the rest of the group to the Castle of Ancient Kings. There Arthur revealed his intentions to infiltrate the citadel and free his father. Leon was among those who volunteered to accompany him, and witnessed as commoners Gwaine, Elyan, Percival, and Lancelot were made Knights of Camelot by Arthur. The prince and his new knights then devised a plan to break Uther out of Camelot's dungeons: Merlin and Lancelot were to split off and disable the warning bell (though they were really planning to go after the Cup of Life) while Arthur, Leon, and the other knights proceeded on to the cells. Gwen and Gaius, meanwhile, were to remain in the Castle and prepare for any wounded.

The plan was carried out the next day. Arthur and the knights carefully infiltrated the dungeons, successfully trapping some of the soldiers in a cell and managing to hold their own against those that remained. Arthur had just managed to free his father when the warning bell went off, alerting everyone in the citadel to their presence. With their escape route cut off, Arthur resolutely led the knights in battle against the immortal army. They managed to hold their position for several minutes, long enough for Merlin to empty the blood from the Cup of Life, which instantly destroyed the immortal soldiers. Later, Leon accompanied the other Knights back to the Castle of Ancient Kings to escort Gwen home to Camelot (The Coming of Arthur).

The Darkest Hour

We have to get him back to Gaius."
"And abandon the quest?"
"He saved my life. I won't let him die."
"Sire, if we don't get to the Isle of the Blessed, hundreds more will perish.
Arthur and Leon[src]

The Knights guard against the Dorocha.

One year later, Leon was part of a group of four knights who came across a woman traveling through the Plains of Denaria. The woman was cooperative at first, explaining that she was journeying to the Seas of Meredor, but her demeanor markedly changed when Leon asked about the contents of her cart. Revealing herself to be the Lady Morgana, she attacked the knights with her magic. Only Leon and Elyan survived.

Later, Leon was among the knights who rode out with Arthur to investigate reports of strange, faceless beings who had attacked one of Camelot's villages. They discovered that the attacks were the work of the Dorocha, ghostly voices of the dead unleashed when Morgana tore the veil between the worlds on Samhain's Eve. Upon discovering that the only way to heal the veil was to travel to the Isle of the Blessed, Arthur set out on a quest accompanied by Merlin, Leon, and the other Knights of the Round Table.

They made camp the first night at an old fortress called Daobeth, where Merlin was badly injured by the Dorocha. When Arthur contemplated returning to Camelot in light of Merlin's worsening condition, Leon strongly urged him to continue with the quest, pointing out that hundreds more would die in the time it would take them to return and start their journey over. The dilemma was solved when Lancelot volunteered to take Merlin back to Camelot on his own, while Arthur, Leon, and the rest of the knights continued on with the quest. Leon did what he could to comfort Arthur about this decision, assuring him that he'd made the right choice and that if anyone could get Merlin back to Camelot in time, Lancelot could.

On Arthur's recommendation they took a shortcut through the Tunnels of Andor, which went fairly well up until they came across a group of Wildeorren. The knights quickly hid behind a shelf of rock, but despite their having used Gaia berries to mask their scents, one of the creatures followed them took a marked interest in Gwaine. This prompted the knight to kill the creature, which ultimately proved to be a mistake, as Wildeorren hunted in packs. The knights were forced to exit the tunnels at a run.

After another day of traveling, the knights were reunited with Merlin and Lancelot while making camp in another old fortress. Relieved that they were safe and well, the knights joyfully welcomed the two back into the fold. They reached the Isle of the Blessed the next day, crossing the lake by way of the ferryman's boat. When they discovered that the Isle was guarded by Wyverns, Leon, Elyan, and Percival remained behind to fend them off while Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, and Gwaine proceeded on to the stone alter, where Lancelot ultimately sacrificed himself to heal the veil in Arthur's place.

Later, back in Camelot, Leon attended Lancelot's memorial alongside his fellow knights and the rest of the court. He was also present when a funeral pyre containing Lancelot's cloak and sword was burned in the courtyard (The Darkest Hour).

Further Adventures

Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table-0

The Knights ambush Caerleon.

Leon attended Arthur's birthday celebration alongside the rest of the court. Later, after the death of King Uther, he also attended Arthur's coronation along with his fellow Knights (The Wicked Day).

When it was discovered that Julius Borden was searching for the last dragon egg in existence, Leon was among the knights that Arthur took to find and destroy it. During their journey, Leon joined the others in playing a trick on Merlin. They pretended to eat all of the stew he'd fixed for dinner, and then proceeded to reveal one last bowl they'd saved for him just when he'd given up hope of eating. As a result, Leon and the other Knights were stricken ill when Borden poisoned their food, and had to be saved by Merlin's magic (Aithusa).

Leon was also present during the knights' ambush on King Caerleon's raiding party. When Caerleon's queen, Annis, subsequently declared war on Camelot over the death of her husband, Leon accompanied his fellow knights and the rest of Camelot's army to the battle sight. He later joined the other Knights of the Round Table in trying to cheer up Arthur by voicing their support and willingness to die for him. When Arthur struck a bargain with Annis that the war would be decided by a duel between two champions rather than a battle between two armies, Leon was among those who volunteered to represent Camelot. He later watched Arthur fight from the ridge alongside Merlin, the Knights, and the rest of Camelot's army (His Father's Son).

Leon was one of the knights who accompanied Arthur on his secret negotiations. While returning to Camelot through the Valley of the Fallen Kings, the group was ambushed by Morgana's mercenaries, and Leon, Percival, and Gwaine were separated from Arthur and Merlin in the battle. After returning to Camelot to recruit Elyan to help search, they eventually ran into Arthur the next day. Merlin, however - who had been injured during the battle - had been captured by bandits. Leon was part of the search party that scoured the woods in search of him, but the warlock remained missing until the following day.

Knights and Emrys-0

Leon confronts Dragoon the Great.

A day or two later, Leon was on a patrol with the other Knights of the Round Table when they encountered Merlin disguised as Dragoon the Great. The warlock was attempting to mount his horse so he could ride to Morgana's hovel and free himself of her Fomorroh's control, but due to the effects of his ageing spell did not have the strength to manage it. Recognizing him as the sorcerer supposedly responsible for Uther's death, the knights attempted to apprehend him but were quickly defeated by Merlin's magic, much to his glee. The warlock then mounted his horse using the fallen knights as a staircase and went on his way (A Servant of Two Masters).

When it appeared that Gaius had turned traitor and subsequently fled Camelot, Leon was the one to inform Arthur and Lord Agravaine that a horse had been taken from the stables. The two immediately assumed that Gaius had taken it, presumably as part of his escape (The Secret Sharer).


We need to find Lamia. She could be in danger."
"We're the ones in danger, Leon. She's brought us here to... She's led us to a trap.
Leon and Merlin[src]
Leon Lamia

Leon and Percival carry Elyan.

When the village of Longstead was stricken with severe illness, Leon and the other Knights of the Round Table were tasked with escorting Gwen and Merlin there to provide treatment. Though Merlin did what he could, his prescriptions proved ineffective and it started to appear as though sorcery might be involved. The group started back to Camelot the next morning, intending to inform Arthur of their suspicions and return later with Gaius, who had remained in Camelot to treat a sudden outbreak of sweating sickness.

At some point in their journey they came across a group of bandits camped out in the forest. Leon initially planned to go around the group (and hopefully remain unnoticed in the process), but Gwaine noticed a young girl that had apparently been taken prisoner. The Knights subsequently attacked the bandits and freed the girl, who identified herself as Lamia. The girl appeared both terrified and distrustful, particularly of Merlin. She soon began to exert a strange control over the Knights; they became increasingly possessive of her and aggressive towards each other, Merlin, and Gwen. This eventually culminated in a fight between Leon and Gwaine (during which Leon sustained an injury to his arm) and they had to be forcibly separated by Percival and Elyan. The Knights also began to forget the original purpose of their journey (to save Longstead), concerned only with doing what Lamia suggested they do.

The morning after the fight, the group awoke to find that Elyan - who was supposed to be on guard - was missing. They soon found him unconscious in the woods, apparently suffering from the same sickness as the people of Longstead. Though Merlin and Gwen tried to convince the Knights to take Elyan back to Camelot for treatment, Leon (under Lamia's control) decided that they would take shelter in a deserted castle instead. Lamia disappeared almost immediately after they arrived there, and one by one the Knights began to fall ill; Gwaine when he went to collect fire wood, and Leon and Percival while they were searching for Lamia.

Gwen and Merlin were left to deal with Lamia by themselves. Merlin managed to stab her with a sword during their initial confrontation, but Lamia responded by transforming into a snake-like monster and chasing him through the castle. Eventually they ran into Gwen, who also attacked the monster with a sword after it managed to grab Merlin. The Lamia was unfazed, however, and likely would have killed them both had Arthur not arrived and finished it off. Leon and the other Knights were then taken back to Longstead, where Gaius treated them for their illness (Lamia).

Later Adventures

Mithian's arrival

The Knights await Princess Mithian's arrival.

Leon participated in the jousting tournament that Arthur held as an engagement present for Guinevere. He was later present in the dining hall when Lancelot recounted the story of how he survived the veil, and joined the other Knights in welcoming him back. He later attended Gwen's trial when she charged with adultery for kissing Lancelot on the eve of her wedding to Arthur (Lancelot du Lac).

Leon was with Arthur, Merlin, and the other Knights when they came across the remains of a Druid camp. He joined the other Knights in teasing Elyan, who was complaining about Gwaine drinking all of his water. The next day he attended training with Arthur and the Knights, and was present in the armoury when Elyan and Gwaine got in a small fight, during which Elyan was knocked unconscious. When they told Gaius what had happened, Leon and Gwaine asked that Arthur not be informed of what had happened, explaining that Elyan hadn't been himself lately and they didn't want Arthur to think that his loyalties were divided. Later, after Elyan attempted to kill Arthur, Leon searched the castle for him along with Gwaine and Percival, eventually apprehending him in a castle corridor (A Herald of the New Age).

Leon was present when Arthur announced Camelot's new agreement with the kingdom of Nemeth and his imminent marriage to Princess Mithian, as well as at the Princess's arrival. Some time afterward he discovered the body of a young man who appeared to have fallen from one of the castle parapets, and reported it to Lord Agravaine. Later, he participated in a hunting trip that Arthur organized for Mithian and was the first to spot a deer. Unbeknownst to Leon, however, the deer in question was actually Guinevere, who had been enchanted to take the form of a deer by Morgana (The Hunter's Heart).

Morgana's Second Conquest of Camelot

It's not me they have to fight for. It's for Camelot."
"No, Arthur. It is you that the people love, and you that they will lay down their lives for. I know that I would ride into the mouth of hell for you.
Arthur and Leon[src]
Arthur merlin isolde percival leon

Planning a counterattack.

Leon was one of the knights on patrol in the city when Morgana and her ally Helios launched a surprise attack on Camelot during the Feast of Beltane. He engaged the Southrons in battle, but was soon forced to order a retreat, leading knights and fleeing townsfolk to the safety of the woods. He and the other survivors of Camelot's attack sought refuge in the Forest of Essetir, where they were eventually located and contact by Merlin (with the help of Kilgharrah), and were present when Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone Merlin had placed it in a year or so earlier.

Afterwards, he, Percival, and Arthur began planning their own assault on the citadel, which was carried out the next day. Leon led a squadron of knights that was responsible for taking out sentries on the castle walls. They then battled their way through the castle corridors to the dungeons, where he and Percival found Gwaine, Elyan, and Gaius imprisoned in a cell. Later, after the battle was won, Leon stood alongside his fellow knights and the rest of the court as Arthur crowned Guinevere Queen of Camelot (The Sword in the Stone).

Search For the Missing Knights

We were ambushed. Morgana and a band of Saxons attacked us as we crossed the border into Ismere.
Leon to Gwen and Gaius[src]
Series 5 episode 1 2

Searching for the missing knights.

Three years later, Gwaine was placed in charge of leading a patrol of sixty knights to the northern kingdom of Ismere. When they sent no word and failed to return, a meeting of the Round Table was called to discuss their disappearance, which Leon attended along with the other knights. After Elyan informed the court of rumors that Morgana had taken refuge in Ismere and may have something to do with the patrol's disappearance, Arthur decided to lead a rescue party in search of the missing knights, which included Sir Leon. 

The rescue party set off at dawn the morning after the meeting. They planned to catch Morgana by surprise by entering Ismere from the west, through their ally Queen Annis's lands. While traveling through the gorge that marked the start of Annis's territory, the group came across the remains of a village, the people who had once lived in it slaughtered. They checked for survivors and gave the villagers proper burials before continuing on to Annis's castle, where they spent the night. 

The rescue party crossed the border to Ismere the next day and were soon ambushed by Morgana and her ally Ruadan, who had learned of their plan from his daughter Sefa, Gwen's maidservant. Leon and the rest of the knights became separated from Arthur and Merlin during the battle, and were ultimately forced to return to Camelot without them. Leon and Elyan reported what had happened to Gwen and Gaius, who conclude that they must have been betrayed. Gwen quickly deduced that the traitor was Sefa, who had been eavesdropping during the meeting of the Round Table and who she had seen leaving the city late at night. Leon was present at Sefa's trial, where she admitted to meeting with her father, and was subsequently sentenced to death. 

Later, after Arthur and Merlin returned to Camelot with the missing knights, Leon attended Mordred's knighting ceremony alongside his fellow Knights and the rest of the court (Arthur's Bane). 


Merlin, tell Leon what we're doing."
"We're... I'm teaching him some poetry.
Arthur and Merlin to Leon[src]
Tumblr me9fj5LfzC1r4nsx4o1 1280

"I'll leave you to your poetry then, my lord."

When Arthur used the Horn of Cathbhadh to speak with the spirit of his father, he accidentally released his spirit into the living world. Uther disapproved of some of the things that Arthur had done as king, and soon began to make his displeasure known. Leon was giving a report at a meeting of the Round Table when the doors to the council chamber opened and closed by themselves. Momentarily unnerved, Leon nevertheless continued with his report until the chandelier suddenly broke loose and crashed down on the center of the round table, damaging it and greatly startling the knights. After the meeting, Leon was ordered to see that the Table was repaired by the next council meeting.

That night, Leon was on patrol in the castle when he came across Arthur and Merlin, who were searching for Uther's ghost in order to send it back to the spirit world. When Leon asked what they were doing, Merlin covered up their mission by claiming that he was teaching Arthur poetry. After a moment's hesitation, Arthur agreed, saying that he loved poetry. Though clearly surprised, Leon was satisfied with their explanation and continued with his patrol (The Death Song of Uther Pendragon).

Rescuing King Rodor

Have the outriders returned?"
"They have, sire. They report large numbers of Odin's men just beyond the border."
"They're looking for Rodor.
Arthur and Leon[src]

Leon was one of the knights on guard when Princess Mithian and her handmaiden arrived in Camelot. Seeing that the Princess was exhausted and in need of medical care, Leon took her to Gaius's chambers, where she was provided with treatment. Once recovered, the Princess explained to Arthur that Nemeth had been conquered by Morgana and Odin. She and her maidservant, Hilda, had managed to escape capture, as had King Rodor, but her father had been too badly injured to make the full journey and had had to be left behind. As such, Mithian enlisted Arthur's help to retrieve him from the Tomb of Ashkanar, where he was hiding. Leon was one of the knights that Arthur took with him on this rescue mission, along with Merlin, Gaius, Mithian, and Hilda.

At one point Leon reported to Arthur that large numbers of Odin's men had been spotted beyond the border. He advised that they remain at their current position, but Arthur refused, saying that they didn't have time to wait. Shortly afterward Merlin was found unconscious next to the stream and had to be left behind in Gaius's care, with Gwaine also staying to guard them. Leon and the rest of the knights, though concerned for Merlin, continued on with Arthur. They arrived at the Tomb later that day, and Leon was ordered to remain outside with Elyan and the other knights while Arthur and Percival accompanied Mithian inside. They were soon captured and held prisoner by Odin's men, but were ultimately freed by Gwaine after he and Merlin caught up to the rest of the group and discovered what had happened (Another's Sorrow).

The Disir

Place all the men in the eastern territories on high alert."
"Yes, sire."
"I personally shall lead a patrol to bring this Osgar to justice.
Arthur and Leon[src]
The disir2-0

The Knights search for the Disir.

Leon was the one to inform Arthur of the death of Sir Ranulf, who was killed while apprehending a sorcerer known as Osgar. He later accompanied the king on his search for the sorcerer. He joined the other Knights in teasing Mordred along the way, and when the group decided to split up to search, Leon went with Percival. Later, he went with Arthur and the other Knights to the White Mountains to answer the judgment of the Disir (The Disir).

The Dark Tower

The tower. Everything in its shadow... was dead. The sound, it was like... like children screaming.
Leon describes his nightmare[src]

Leon describes his nightmare.

Leon was one of the knights who escorted Gwen and Elyan on their pilgrimage to visit their father's grave. The group was attacked by snakes sent by Morgana on the way back, with Leon and Percival quickly falling victim to their bites. Gwaine and Elyan urged Guinevere to ride on without them, but to no avail; she was kidnapped. Later, after Leon and Percival had recovered, Arthur, the Knights, and Merlin set out to look for her. They discovered her horse abandoned in the woods, as well as a trail leading east.

The Knights followed the trail until nightfall, then Arthur reluctantly allowed them to stop for the night. A few hours later, Leon and Percival both woke from nightmares of a tower beyond a forest and a plain. The fact that both had had the same dream after being bitten by Morgana's snakes earlier led Arthur to believe that she had taken Gwen to the Dark Tower, and was now trying to lure him there as well. He resolved to journey there alone, but Leon and the other Knights insisted on accompanying him all the way.

The next day the group arrived at a cliff that gave them a clear view of the Tower, as well as the first obstacle that stood between them and it: the Impenetrable Forest. The Knights spent most of the day hacking their way through the forest. The foliage was so dense that Percival broke a sword on it and Gwaine tore his cloak on a branch. Eventually they came to the realization that they'd been going in circles. Thoroughly discouraged, the group made camp for the night and set out again in the morning, intending to find their way back to the clearing they'd first seen the Tower from. Merlin, however, managed to convince them that he could find the way out, and (using his magic) successfully did so. Free of the forest, the Knights then arrived at their next obstacle: the Dollares Plaines.


The Knights react to Elyan's death.

The Knights journeyed across the Plaines to the Tower, dealing with both a blistering sun and blistering feet along the way. Eventually they arrived at the Tower itself. They followed a staircase to a room filled with booby-traps, which they discovered when the flagstones on the floor reacted to pressure and set off arrows. Elyan, who was a little ways ahead of the others, made his way across the room by using his sword to test the stones before stepping on them. The others were quick to follow his lead, but upon reaching the doorway Elyan decided to go on without them, determined to rescue his sister. When Leon and the others finally caught up to him, they found Gwen unharmed and Elyan lying dead in her arms.

Leon later attended Elyan's funeral by the lake alongside his fellow knights and the rest of the court of Camelot (The Dark Tower).

Arthur Poisoned

Sire, we recovered your saddle from the forest trail. The girth has been unpicked and restitched. It was designed to break, sire.
Leon to Arthur[src]

Leon, Arthur, and Gwen at Tyr's trial.

Some time later, Arthur was ambushed by bandits while out riding with Guinevere on their anniversary. When it was discovered that his saddle had been tampered with, Leon was one of the knights sent to search the home of the king's stablehand, Tyr Seward. He was later present in the council chambers when Tyr was tried and sentenced to death.

When it was discovered that Arthur had been poisoned, Leon stood with the other Knights as Gaius made his diagnosis and Gwen accused Merlin of the crime. Leon remained at Gwen's side as she stood vigil at Arthur's bedside, and took the opportunity to speak to her about ruling Camelot should Arthur succumb to the poison. He assured her that he and the other Knights believed her to be capable of ruling in Arthur's stead, and that they would stand by her. Later, when Merlin escaped from the dungeons disguised as Dragoon, Leon was among those who responded to the warning bell. He met up with Gwaine, Percival, and Mordred in the courtyard, and was greatly startled when every torch in the square went out at once (A Lesson in Vengeance).

Final Adventures

The kindness of strangers8-0

The Knights follow a trail through the woods.

Leon was among the knights present in the courtyard when Sarrum of Amata arrived to discuss an alliance with Arthur. Later, he and the rest of the court were present in the council chambers to witness the two kings sign a treaty that would establish an alliance between their kingdoms (The Hollow Queen).

Some time later, Leon, Mordred, and the other Knights of the Round Table were sent on a patrol to locate a renegade sorceress and her accomplice. They ran into Merlin in the woods, who claimed to be gathering herbs for Gaius. Though Merlin wanted to return to Camelot in light of their errand, the Knights placed him under protective custody instead, as they didn't want him traveling alone with both a dangerous sorceress and Saxons on the loose. However, Mordred allowed Merlin to leave during the night, and the Knights continued their patrol without him (The Kindness of Strangers).

Leon later accompanied Arthur, Merlin, and the other Knights on a hunting trip, during which they came across a dead Camelot patrol. Determining the scene to be the result of a Saxon raid, the group searched for survivors and then returned to Camelot. In light of the attack, Leon was ordered to dispatch extra patrols to protect their supply routes. One of the raiders (Kara) was eventually caught, shortly after which Leon and Gwaine interrupted a disagreement between Merlin and Mordred, both of whom refused to discuss the incident.

Later, Leon attended Kara's trial in the council chambers, during which she was sentenced to death. When Mordred responded to this by breaking her out of prison and running off with her - Kara killing a guard in the escape - Leon was one of the knights that Arthur took with him to apprehend them. They caught up with the two in the woods, where Mordred begged the king to allow them to leave, promising that they would never return. He appealed to several of the Knights for help, including Leon, but all remained loyal to Arthur.

Leon was also present in the council chambers when Arthur attempted to offer Kara a deal, promising to spare her from the death penalty if she repented of her crimes. Kara refused, and was executed the next morning, shortly after which Mordred escaped from the cells (The Drawing of the Dark).

The Battle of Camlann

Morgana will have no means of escape. But neither will we."
"They'll always outflank us. This is our only chance. It ends here, Leon. Be it life or death, it ends here.
Leon and Arthur about Camlann[src]

Camelot's army assembled for battle.

Leon was one of the knights present during Morgana and Mordred's attack on Fort Stowell. The knights fought valiantly, but the Saxons soon overwhelmed them and Leon was ultimately forced to order a retreat. He was later present at the meeting of the Round Table where the council discussed Morgana's plans for war and decided on Camelot's response. Arthur ultimately chose to make their stand at Camlann rather than the citadel in order to minimize civilian casualties, and Camelot's army began their journey at sundown. Leon and Percival rode ahead at one point to scout out Morgana's army. They discovered that her forces would reach Camlann by the following evening and that her forces were more numerous than they'd expected; Leon estimated that they outnumbered Camelot's troops 5 to 1.

Leon did not like the look of Camlann when they first arrived, noting that its dead end made it a death trap. Arthur stood firm in his decision, however, and Camelot's army set up camp. That night, Leon received a report from scouts that Morgana's army was on the move. He passed on the report to Arthur, who concluded that she would attack before the night was over and ordered Leon to prepare the men for battle (The Diamond of the Day).


The King is dead. Long live the Queen!
Leon proclaims the start of Gwen's reign[src]

Leon survived the Battle of Camlann, and appeared to take over command of Camelot's army after Arthur was discovered to be missing. He delivered news of their victory to Guinevere, and also reported that they had been unable to find any sign of their missing king. In the days that followed he continued to send out search parties, and faithfully reported their findings to the Queen.

Leon later attended Gwen's coronation when she ascended the throne as Queen Regnant of Camelot in the wake of Arthur's death (The Diamond of the Day).



Sir Leon, Knight of Camelot

Leon was a responsible and trustworthy Knight of Camelot with a strong sense of loyalty, particularly towards Uther and Arthur Pendragon. He remained steadfast in his loyalty even at the potential cost of his own life, refusing to pledge his allegiance to Morgana during her first reign as Queen (The Coming of Arthur) and fighting alongside Arthur to retake the kingdom during both of her attempts to conquer Camelot (The Coming of Arthur, The Sword in the Stone). That said, Leon could, at times, be perhaps a bit overzealous in his devotion, at least early on. In his first appearance, for example, he deliberately threw a jousting match against Arthur because he was afraid that he might injure him if he fought to the best of his ability, which greatly offended the prince (The Once and Future Queen).

Leon was also very courageous. He not only helped to defend Camelot from the Great Dragon, but was the first knight to step forward when Arthur asked for volunteers to ride out and face it (The Last Dragonlord). He also fought in defense of Camelot during Cenred's first attempt at conquest, facing off against both Cenred's soldiers and the skeleton army summoned by Morgana (The Tears of Uther Pendragon). He also took part in both of Arthur's quests to retake Camelot after it was conquered by Morgana (The Coming of Arthur, The Sword in the Stone), and later fought against her army of Saxons in the Battle of Camlann (The Diamond of the Day).

Though undoubtedly brave, however, Leon was also a very sensible man who knew the difference between courage and foolishness. When his patrol first encountered Morgause and Morgana's immortal army near Camelot's border, Leon immediately turned and fled when he realized that the soldiers couldn't be killed, quickly determining that it would be wiser to warn Camelot of the approaching army than to stay and most certainly be killed (The Coming of Arthur). He was equally pragmatic concerning his loyalties and duties as a knight. He was not afraid to speak up if he felt that his superiors' judgement was impaired or that they were making poor or questionable choices (Beauty and the BeastThe Darkest HourThe Diamond of the Day). And though he initially tried to keep Merlin out of the throne room as per Uther's orders, at one point shoving the warlock against a wall, Leon immediately broke orders and allowed him access once the full situation had been explained to him (The Sins of the Father).

Though perhaps the most serious of the Knight of the Round Table, Leon was also shown to have a sense of humor. He often joined in when the other Knights teased one another or Merlin (Aithusa, A Herald of the New Age, The Disir), and was greatly amused when Merlin claimed that the reason he needed a crossbow was to kill Arthur, as he believed the warlock to be joking (A Servant of Two Masters).


Arthur Pendragon

I have fought alongside you many times. There is no one that I would rather die for.
Leon to Arthur

Arthur and Leon reunited.

Leon had great respect for Arthur and considered him a friend. Though there appeared to be some tension between them at first - mostly due to Leon allowing Arthur to win a jousting match because of his station, which greatly offended the prince (The Once and Future Queen) - their relationship developed over the years as they fought alongside one another and shared countless adventures, eventually culminating in Arthur appointing Leon a Knight of the Round Table (The Coming of Arthur).

When Arthur announced his intentions to ride out and face the Great Dragon, Leon was the first to volunteer to join him (The Last Dragonlord). He remained loyal to the prince during both of Morgana's attempts to conquer Camelot, refusing to swear his allegiance to the new Queen (The Coming of Arthur) and fighting alongside the prince to retake the kingdom on both occasions (The Coming of Arthur, The Sword in the Stone).

In addition to his loyalty, Leon was also shown to be a pillar of faith and source of comfort for Arthur, and was not afraid to question him if he felt that he was being unreasonable. When Merlin was injured by the Dorocha, for example, and Arthur decided to abandon their quest to take him back to Camelot, Leon argued against his choice, pointing out that in the time if would take them to do so hundreds more would perish. Later, when Arthur had chosen to continue the quest without Merlin, Leon comforted Arthur about his decision, assuring him that he'd done the right thing and that Lancelot would get Merlin to safety (The Darkest Hour).

Guinevere Pendragon

No one can deny your wisdom, your compassion, and your loyalty. I am certain that were Arthur able to make this decision, he would choose you.
Leon to Gwen about ruling Camelot[src]

Leon and Gwen at Arthur's bedside.

Like Arthur, Leon greatly respected Guinevere and considered her to be a friend (The Dark Tower). They had known one another since they were quite young, as Gwen's mother had once worked as a maid in Leon's household (The Coming of Arthur).

When Morgana declared herself Queen and conquered Camelot with her immortal army, Gwen risked her life to help Leon to escape, as he believed he knew where Arthur was probably hiding (The Coming of Arthur). Leon was supportive of her relationship with Arthur, and took part in the jousting tournament that he held for her engagement present (Lancelot Du Lac). When she returned to Camelot following Morgana's second attempt at conquest, Leon stood with the rest of the court as Arthur crowned her Queen of Camelot (The Sword in the Stone).

Following her ascension to the throne, Leon was very loyal to Gwen and supported her authority as Queen. He took the opportunity to speak to her about being Camelot's future ruler when Arthur was poisoned, assuring her that he and all the other knights believed her to be capable of the task and that they would remain loyal to her no matter what happened (A Lesson in Vengeance). He later stood at Gwen's side as she took the throne as Queen Regnant of Camelot, announcing to the court both news of Arthur's death and the start of her reign (The Diamond of the Day).


There's a dangerous sorceress at large, Merlin. Plus a bunch of Saxons. This is not the place to be alone.
Leon to Merlin, concerned for his safety[src]
Merlin leon

Merlin and Leon

There was very little interaction between Merlin and Leon to begin with, mostly due to Merlin's station as a servant and Leon's as a Knight of Camelot. Once Leon became a Knight of the Round Table, however, they soon came to be good friends, as Merlin often accompanied Arthur and the Knights on their adventures.

Like the other Knights, Leon enjoyed teasing Merlin and often treated him as a younger brother (Aithusa). He had a tendency to playfully tussle Merlin's hair (His Father's Son) and seemed to trust him greatly, as he interpreted Merlin's remark about killing Arthur with a crossbow as a joke without ever considering that he might be serious (A Servant of Two Masters).

Though Leon argued against taking Merlin back to Camelot after he was injured by the Dorocha, instead urging Arthur to continue with their quest, he later assured Arthur that Lancelot would get the warlock to help in time, showing that he did care for Merlin but was obligated to put his duty to Camelot first (The Darkest Hour).

Uther Pendragon

My loyalty is to the King and Prince Arthur. There is nothing you can do to change that.
Leon to Morgana
Leon greatly respected Uther and was fiercely loyal to him, on one occasion refusing to swear his allegiance to Morgana after she took over as Camelot's ruler (The Coming of Arthur). Though unquestionably loyal, however he was not senselessly so. Leon was among those who tried to tell the king that his new wife was a troll (Beauty and the Beast), and broke orders to allow Merlin into throne room when he learned that Arthur and Uther were trying to kill each other (The Sins of the Father).

Uther, for his part, seemed to hold Leon in a high regard. He often placed him in positions of leadership over his fellow knights, particularly when Arthur was absent or unable to take command himself (The Last Dragonlord, The Tears of Uther Pendragon, The Coming of Arthur). Uther was deeply grieved when Leon was presumed dead following Cenred's slaughter of a patrol that had supposedly stumbled across his border, and was pleased when Leon returned to Camelot alive after being healed by the Cup of Life (The Coming of Arthur).

Morgana Pendragon

Well, Sir Leon, how have you enjoyed the first week of my reign? Speak up. Are you and your fellow knights ready to honour and serve me?"
"I'd rather die.
Morgana and Leon[src]
Merlin313 0084

Morgana demands Leon's loyalty.

Though there was little interaction between Leon and Morgana before she became an enemy of Camelot, it can be reasonably surmised that he likely had the same respect and loyalty for her that he did for the rest of the royal family. This changed, however, after Morgana was revealed to be a traitor and declared herself Queen. Though repeatedly ordered to swear his allegiance to the new regime, Leon refused, instead declaring his loyalty to Uther and Prince Arthur. Morgana imprisoned Leon in the dungeons for his actions, where he remained until Guinevere helped him to escape. He later fought against her when he joined Arthur in his bid to retake the kingdom (The Coming of Arthur).

One year later, Leon was one of four knights who stumbled across Morgana during her journey to the Seas of Meredor. She attacked them after they realized her identity, and though Leon survived the attack he later warned Arthur that her powers had grown (The Darkest Hour).

Merlin313 0086

Leon refuses to pledge his allegiance.

Leon later fought against Morgana and her Southron allies during her second attempt to conquer Camelot. Though he was eventually forced to retreat, leading other knights and fleeing townsfolk to the safety of the woods, Leon later returned with Arthur and the other members of Camelot's army who had managed to escape and helped to infiltrate the citadel (The Sword in the Stone).


They need to rest, sire. Even Gwaine's gone quiet.
Leon to Arthur[src]

Leon, Percival, and Gwaine in the Impenetrable Forest.

Leon first met Gwaine when he arrested him for attacking Sir Oswald, which was in violation of the Knight's Code (Gwaine). After becoming Knights of the Round Table, however, they soon got to be good friends and usually worked well together. Gwaine appeared to add a little humor to Leon's personality; they were often joked around together and with others, playing pranks on Merlin (Aithusa), Elyan (A Herald of the New Age), and Mordred (The Disir).

Though typically of a more serious nature, Leon was usually very patient with Gwaine's more boisterous personality. The only time the two ever fought was when they were being manipulated by Lamia. Though Percival and Elyan broke it up before anyone was seriously injured, Gwaine managed slashed Leon's arm during the fight, which left a wound deep enough to require stitches (Lamia).


If anyone can get Merlin back to Camelot, Lancelot can.
Leon to Arthur
Though there was very little interaction between Leon and Lancelot, they were both Knights of the Round Table and as such shared many adventures together. It can be reasonably surmised from this that they were likely good friends and worked well together. They first met when Lancelot and Percival saved Arthur and his allies (of which Leon was one) from Morgana's immortal army, soon after which Leon witnessed Lancelot made a Knight of Camelot (The Coming of Arthur).

Leon - like the other Knights - was deeply saddened by Lancelot's sacrifice on the Isle of the Blessed, attending his memorial alongside the rest of the court, and was overjoyed when Lancelot eventually returned to Camelot, apparently having survived his encounter with the veil (The Darkest Hour, Lancelot Du Lac). It is unknown how Leon reacted to the news of Lancelot's affair with Guinevere, or to his subsequent suicide.


Elyan and Leon

Elyan and Leon

Though there was little interaction between Leon and Elyan, as they were both Knights of the Round Table and shared many adventures together it can be reasonably surmised that they likely became good friends over the years. It's possible that they knew one another prior to Elyan's knighthood, as Gwen and Elyan's mother was once a maid in Leon's household (The Coming of Arthur).

Leon - like the other Knights - was deeply saddened by Elyan's death at the Dark Tower and later attended his funeral alongside the rest of the court (The Dark Tower).



Percival and Leon

Percival was a close friend of Leon's and a fellow Knight of the Round Table. They went on many adventures together and made an effective team. Though Leon was of a more serious nature, he and Percival often joked around together much in the same way that Percival did with Gwaine. They joined the other Knights in playing tricks on Merlin (Aithusa), teasing Elyan (A Herald of the New Age), and playing an initiation joke on Mordred (The Disir).

At the conclusion of the series, Percival and Leon were the only Knights of the Round Table remaining after the deaths of Lancelot (The Darkest Hour), Elyan (The Dark Tower), Gwaine, and Arthur. Both were present at Guinevere's coronation as Queen Regnant of Camelot (The Diamond of the Day).


Mordred and others in The Death Song of Uther Pendragon (4)

Mordred, Percival, Arthur, and Leon

Though there was little interaction between Mordred and Leon, as fellow Knight of Camelot they appeared to be good friends and fought well together. Leon - like the other Knights - tended to treat Mordred as a little brother, similarly to how they treated Merlin. They particularly seemed to enjoy teasing him. When he joined them on their search for the sorcerer Osgar, for example, Leon and the other Knights took great delight in playing a joke on him, listing things that he may have forgotten to pack and tricking him into riding his horse backwards by claiming that it was tradition for new knights to do so (The Disir).

When Mordred helped his murderous lover Kara to escape Camelot and was cornered by Arthur in the woods, Leon was one of only two knights that Mordred appealed to for help by name, the other being Gwaine (The Drawing of the Dark).


Sir Leon18

Sir Leon, Knight of the Round Table

Leon was one of the most experienced Knights of the Round Table, as he served as a Knight of Camelot for several years before earning his place in the group. He was shown to be a skilled leader, often tasked with commanding independent patrols or leading squadrons of knights into battle (The Tears of Uther Pendragon, The Coming of Arthur, The Sword in the Stone). After Arthur became king, these skills eventually led to Leon becoming his second-in-command. He was one of Arthur's chief advisors, and was often shown to take charge of the other Knights of the Round Table in Arthur's absence.

Leon was shown to be an excellent swordsman, capable of defending himself against skeleton armies, immortal soldiers, and powerful warriors such as Ruadan (The Tears of Uther Pendragon, The Coming of Arthur, Arthur's Bane). He survived many battles in which most other knights were slain (The Last Dragonlord, The Tears of Uther Pendragon, The Coming of Arthur, The Sword in the Stone, The Diamond of the Day).

Leon was also shown to have some skill with a lance. He once managed to advance to the semifinals in Camelot's annual jousting tournament, and came close to defeating Arthur in a training exercise. However, it should be noted that the sun was in Arthur's eyes, and Leon chose to forfeit rather than take advantage of the prince's vulnerability (The Once and Future Queen). He later competed in the tournament that Arthur held as an engagement present for Guinevere, and was once again defeated by Arthur in the semifinals (Lancelot Du Lac).

In addition to his combat skills, Leon also seemed to be remarkably lucky. He not only survived the wounds inflicted upon him by the Great Dragon but made a full recovery (The Last Dragonlord). He was the only surviving knight of a patrol ambushed by Cenred. The Druids discovered him shortly afterward, and healed him with the Cup of Life. He was also the only knight to escape from an attack by immortal soldiers unscathed (The Coming of Arthur). He was one of only two knights who survived an attack by the Lady Morgana, the other being Elyan (The Darkest Hour), and was one of only two Knights of the Round Table still alive at the end of the series, the other being Percival (The Diamond of the Day).



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In the Legends

Sir Lionel of Britain

Though Leon appears to be an entirely original character, he may be at least partially based on Sir Lionel, a Knight of the Round Table in Arthurian Legend. Lionel was the son of King Bors of Gauness and his wife Evaine. He was the younger brother of Sir Bors de Ganis, also a Knight of the Round Table, and cousin to Sir Lancelot and Ector de Maris. After the death of their father in a battle against King Claudis, Lionel and his brother lived as captives in Claudis's court until they were rescued by the Lady of the Lake, who raised them alongside Lancelot (her foster son) in her underwater kingdom.

Like many knights, Sir Lionel took part in the Quest for the Holy Grail. At some point in his journey he was captured by bandits. They stripped him naked, bound him hand and foot, and dragged him along the highway while thrashing him with thorns. Sir Bors came upon the scene while on his own Grail Quest, and was forced to choose between saving his brother or a young woman who was being attacked nearby. Because his oath as a knight demanded that he save a woman before a fellow knight, even if that knight was his brother, Bors chose to save the woman. Lionel ultimately survived the incident and managed to escape his captors, but he was filled with anger at his brother's failure to help him. When next the two met Lionel challenged Bors to a duel. Bors refused to defend himself, as he had no wish to fight his own brother, and both a hermit and Sir Colgrenant (a fellow Knight of the Round Table) were slain while attempting to defend him from Lionel's wrath. Before he could strike his brother down, however, a ball of fire descended from Heaven and stopped the fight. Only then did Lionel realize his error. He stayed and buried the hermit and Sir Colgrenant while Bors continued on with the Grail Quest.

Like the rest of his family, Lionel sided with Lancelot when his affair with Guinevere came to light. He followed him into exile and was crowned King of Gaul. He fought in many battles against Arthur, including the Battle of Joyous Garde. He later participated in the Battle of Camlann, and afterward returned to Britain with the rest of his family to hunt down the last of Mordred's forces. Lionel was ultimately killed by Mordred's son Melehan, and his death was avenged by his brother, Sir Bors.

It is also possible that the character of Leon was inspired by King Leondegrance, the ruler of Cameliard and father of Guinevere. He served under Uther Pendragon and was entrusted with the keeping of the Round Table after the king's death. Leondegrance eventually gave the Table to Arthur as a wedding present after the young king married his daughter Guinevere.

In later romances, Leondegrance was one of only a few kings who accepted Arthur as an overlord. Consequently, his lands were invaded by the rebel king Rience, and Arthur had to come to their rescue and expel the invading army. It was during this excursion that Arthur first met Guinevere, and the two fell in love.



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