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Also Known As: Sir Lancelot
The bravest and most noble of them all
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Family: Unnamed Father (deceased)
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Affiliation: Merlin
Guinevere Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon
Knights of Camelot
Morgana Pendragon † (before her betrayal)
Knights of the Round Table
The Vilia (Water Spirits)
Enemies: Griffin
Morgana Pendragon
Dorocha (Spirit)
Agravaine de Bois
The Cailleach
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Santiago Cabrera
List of Appearances: Lancelot
Lancelot and Guinevere
The Coming of Arthur
The Darkest Hour
Lancelot du Lac
Sir Lancelot, the bravest and most noble of them all...

Sir Lancelot was a close friend of Merlin and a Knight of the Round Table who was also in love with Guinevere. He was a good man, devoted to protecting people and helping his friends. He was one of the first to discover Merlin's magic, which he kept secret, and was one of few people who would ever discover it. His death shocked Camelot when he gave his life in place of Arthur's upon the Isle of the Blessed to heal the tear in the veil between the Spirit and Regular world.


Little is known about Lancelot's early life, only that he lost his family at a young age when his village was attacked by bandits. He alone escaped. The loss of his family made Lancelot vow to never again be as helpless as he was that day. He dedicated his life to the study of swordsmanship and combat, likely living the life of a wanderer until he was ready to set out for Camelot.

Meeting Merlin

It's my life's ambition to join the knights of Camelot.
Lancelot to Merlin[src]
Lancelot fights the Griffin

Lancelot fights the Griffin

Lancelot first met Merlin when he saved him from a Griffin in the forest. Though his sword failed to so much as injure the creature, he succeeded in driving it back long enough for him and Merlin to escape. The two soon became good friends, with Lancelot confiding in Merlin that it was his life's dream to join the Knights of Camelot. However, the First Code of Camelot decreed that only noblemen were allowed to become knights. Determined to pay Lancelot back for saving his life, Merlin used his magic to create a seal of nobility identifying Lancelot as the fifth son of Lord Eldred of Northumbria. He also asked Gwen to provide clothes and armour to help Lancelot look the part. Lancelot quickly took a liking to Guinevere, addressing her as "My Lady" despite Gwen's protests, and was pleased to learn that she and Merlin were just friends.

Lancelot was soon permitted to try out for the knights, and though Arthur was left unimpressed at first, telling him to come back when he was ready, he ultimate decided to take him on and assigned him the task of cleaning out the stables. Lancelot was eventually given a second chance to prove his abilities when Arthur challenged him to a duel using brooms as staffs. The duel ended with Arthur praising Lancelot, stating that he'd passed his first test and could start basic training. However, soon afterward the warning bells went off heralding the arrival of a village full of people who had been attacked by the Griffin. The creature appeared to be moving closer and closer to Camelot, prompting Arthur to move Lancelot's final test forward so as to have as many knights at his disposal as possible.


Lancelot, being knighted for the first time

Lancelot passed his final test and was made a Knight of Camelot. However, Uther was suspicious of his seal, noting that the last time he'd seen Lord Eldred the man had only had four sons. The castle historian, Geoffrey of Monmouth, soon determined that his seal of nobility was a forgery, and Lancelot was thrown into prison and stripped of his knighthood. Arthur, however, did not share his father's anger, and ultimately chose to free him, telling him that his father had banished him from Camelot and that he must never return.

Not wanting to leave with the kingdom still under attack, Lancelot instead went to retrieve his armour from Guinevere. He told her that it was his duty to fight the Griffin whether he was a knight or not, and though Gwen initially asked him not to go she understood why he must. He and Merlin then rode out after Arthur and his men, following the sounds of their cries until they reached the sight of the battle. After determining that Arthur was still alive, Lancelot mounted his horse and charged toward the Griffin with his lance, which Merlin then enchanted to give it the power to kill the creature. Arthur awoke soon afterward and, with Lancelot the only other person visible in the area (as Merlin hid when he noticed Arthur stirring), was led to believe that Lancelot had killed the Griffin. Overjoyed, Arthur took him back to Camelot and begged his father to make an exception concerning the First Code and allow Lancelot to become a knight. Lancelot, however, had witnessed Merlin's magic and knew that he was the one truly responsible for killing the Griffin. Refusing to take credit for something he hadn't done, he instead chose to leave Camelot, saying that he regretted how his lies had brought conflict between Arthur and his father and that he wished to start his training over again, far away, with the hope that one day he might be granted another chance to become a Knight of Camelot. Merlin and Gaius watched Lancelot depart the next morning from the castle terrace (Lancelot).

Reunion with Gwen

I've been earning a living the only way I know. With a sword.
Lancelot to Guinevere[src]

Lancelot and his love, Guinevere

Lancelot traveled to many places after his departure from Camelot. However, he found that there was little work available for someone of his talents, and eventually wound up earning a living by fighting for other's entertainment. It was a far cry from his noble ideals and hopes of becoming a knight, and he found himself feeling increasingly hopeless and that his life had little meaning. At some point he began fighting for Hengist, a ruthless bandit who attempted to kidnap Lady Morgana but mistakenly wound up with Gwen instead.

Surprised to see her a guest at the bandit's table, Lancelot snuck into the prison she was being held in and learned that Gwen was being held for ransom, as Hengist believed her to be Morgana. Gwen didn't believe that Uther would pay the ransom or send anyone to save her, and was certain that when Hengist realized the truth, he would kill her. Lancelot promised that he would find a way to help her escape before that could happen. He eventually managed to do so by drugging the guards, though Gwen's empty cell was discovered before they could get far. After sharing a kiss, Lancelot sent Guinevere on alone, staying behind the fight off their pursuers. He was eventually captured and condemned to execution, where he gave a passionate speech to Hengist about how little he cared about what would happen to him so long as Gwen got away. Hengist chose that moment to reveal that Gwen had been captured as well, and that she would be fed to the Wilddeoren along with him.

However, Arthur and Merlin, who had gone after Gwen despite Uther's protests that she was likely already dead, managed to rescue them before they could be eaten. While making their way home to Camelot, Lancelot noticed that Arthur seemed to have feelings for Gwen, as evidenced by his willingness to rescue her (though Arthur stubbornly insisted that he only did it as a favor to Morgana). His hunch was later proven correct when he spoke with Merlin. Determined not to come between them despite his own feelings for Gwen, Lancelot quietly departed, asking Merlin to tell Gwen that she'd changed his life forever, but that some things could not be (Lancelot and Guinevere).

Saving Camelot

Arise, Sir Lancelot, Knight of Camelot.
Arthur to Lancelot[src]

Searching for the Cup with Merlin

A wanderer once more, Lancelot presumably picked up where he left off, finding work where he could and honing his skills as a warrior. At some point his travels brought him to a place called Haldor, where he received a message from Merlin requesting his aid following Camelot's defeat by Cenred's immortal army. Accompanied by his friend Percival, Lancelot finally caught up with Merlin, Arthur, and their small group of rebels in the woods outside Camelot, where they were being pursued by soldiers from Cenred's army. However, Lancelot and Percival managed to drop boulders to block the narrow path, halting the soldier's pursuit and allowing Arthur and his allies to escape. They then accompanied the group to the Castle of Ancient Kings, where Arthur revealed his intentions to infiltrate the citadel and free his father. Lancelot was the first to volunteer to join him, stating that Arthur had taught him the value of being a knight, and that he believed in the world that he would build. He was then made a Knight of Camelot, alongside Percival, Elyan, and Gwaine.

The next day, Arthur and the knights devised a plan to break his father out of Camelot's dungeons. Lancelot, guided by Merlin, was given the task of disabling the warning bell. However, unbeknownst to Arthur their true objective was to find and empty the Cup of Life. Armed with a sword forged in a dragon's breath, Merlin and Lancelot battled their way through the castle, following Merlin's sense of the Cup's power to the throne room. The pair fought off the soldiers guarding the Cup and, after a brief skirmish with Morgause, Merlin managed to empty the Cup of the blood it contained, breaking the enchantment and destroying the immortal army. Later, Lancelot accompanied the other Knights back to the Castle of Ancient Kings to escort Gwen home to Camelot (The Coming of Arthur).

Time as a Knight

You're a knight. At last.
Merlin to Lancelot[src]
Lancelot 2 Vervededa

Lancelot, Knight of Camelot

Lancelot served as a Knight of Camelot for roughly one year. It was a fairly peaceful time for the kingdom, and was largely preoccupied with rebuilding and recovering from the injury of Morgana's betrayal. This peace was eventually broken when Morgana resurfaced shortly before Samhain's Eve, apparently traveling to the Isle of the Blessed. There she sacrificed her sister in order to create a tear in the veil between the worlds. Not long after, a young girl arrived in Camelot speaking of strange, faceless beings who had attacked her village and killed her family. Lancelot was among the knights who rode out with Arthur to investigate. They discovered that the attacks were the work of the Dorocha, ghostly voices of the dead unleashed by Morgana's tearing of the veil. Ordinary weapons could not harm them, and they appeared to be immune to Merlin's magic; he found it difficult, if not impossible, to use it in their presence. However, they did appear to have a weakness to light, as Lancelot discovered when he used a torch to chase one away from Merlin.

Upon learning that the only way to banish the Dorocha would be to repair the veil between the worlds, Arthur set out for the Isle of the Blessed accompanied by Merlin, Lancelot, and the other Knights of the Round Table. Lancelot was approached by Guinevere shortly before their departure, who asked that he look after Arthur and make sure that he returned home. Lancelot vowed to protect him with his life. He also tried to talk Merlin into returning to Camelot, as he was concerned that he would get hurt without his magic to protect him. Merlin, however, refused, saying that it was his duty to protect Arthur, just as it was Lancelot's duty to protect Camelot. The next day the Knights made camp at a place called Daobeth. Though they quickly paired off in search of firewood, they were unable to gather enough to last the night before the Dorocha arrived, eventually forcing Arthur and Merlin to leave the safety of the fire to search for more. Lancelot became worried when they failed to return, and with the fire dying and only one torch to share between them, soon led the other Knights in search of them. Eventually they found the two hiding out within the fortress. But though they arrived in time to keep Arthur from becoming the Dorocha's next victim, they were not in time to save Merlin.

Merlin and lancelot2-2

Looking after an ill Merlin

Merlin survived his initial encounter with the Dorocha (likely due to his magic), but was badly wounded and appeared to be slowly dying. Unsure whether to give up the quest in order to get Merlin back to Camelot as quickly as possible, or continue on with him and hope that he improved, Arthur ultimately chose to return home in light of his worsening condition. However, Sir Leon pointed out that the quest must go on if they were to rid the kingdom of the Dorocha, and though Merlin might be saved hundreds more would die in the time it would take for them to return to Camelot and start their journey over. Lancelot solved the dilemma by volunteering to take Merlin to Gaius by himself while the others continued on. He planned to save time by cutting through the Valley of the Fallen Kings, but as the day went on Merlin's condition grew steadily worse, forcing them to stop.

Lancelot carried Merlin to a nearby stream. There he was greeted by the Vilia, benevolent spirits of the brooks and streams who had also been freed to roam the earth when Morgana tore the veil. The Vilia assured Lancelot that they wished to help them, that they had, in fact, already begun to heal Merlin of the effects of the Dorocha's touch, and that they would stay with them and protect them throughout the night. Lancelot woke the next morning to find Merlin's health restored and the warlock in question anxious to catch up to Arthur. Though he initially tried to talk his friend into going back to Camelot, he soon accepted that Merlin wasn't going to listen and the two set off after the others.

They spent the night at a lodge in the woods, where they discovered the hunter that owned it frosted over at his table, another victim of the Dorocha. Merlin and Lancelot sat up drinking and talking long into the night, discussing Lancelot's vow to Gwen and his past feelings for her. Sometime after they both went to sleep, the candles went out and the fire died down, leaving them vulnerable to the Dorocha. Merlin woke when he sensed one approaching, calling to Lancelot and throwing the last of his drink into the fire to scare the ghost off and allow them both time to escape. The Dorocha pursued them through the woods, prompting Merlin to call for the Great Dragon, who vanquished the ghost with his fiery breath.

Lancelot was quite startled by the dragon at first, drawing his sword and preparing to attack before Merlin held out a hand to stop him. Merlin then proceeded to talk to the dragon, thanking it for its help and explaining their errand to the Isle of the Blessed. The dragon seemed to know of Lancelot, referring to him upon their introduction as, "The bravest and most noble of them all." It was during this conversation that Lancelot learned for the first time that Arthur intended to sacrifice himself to heal the veil, and that Merlin planned to offer himself in Arthur's place. Lancelot was humbled by Merlin's selflessness, wondering if he would ever have the courage to knowingly give up his life for something (The Darkest Hour).

Lancelot's Sacrifice

He didn't sacrifice himself for Camelot. I asked him to look after you and he promised me with his life. He was true to his word.
Gwen to Arthur[src]

Lancelot's memorial

Merlin and Lancelot caught up with Arthur and the Knights the next day. They followed the light of their campfire to an old fortress, where they were joyfully welcomed back. The group reached the Isle of the Blessed the next morning, crossing the lake by way of the ferryman's boat. The Isle turned out to be guarded by Wyverns, prompting Leon, Elyan, and Percival to stay behind to fight them off while Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, and Gwaine proceeded to the stone alter. There they encountered the Cailleach, the Gatekeeper to the Spirit World, who refused to heal the veil unless given the sacrifice she desired. Gwaine attempted to attack her in response, but was quickly knocked unconscious by her magic. Arthur then stepped forward, intending to sacrifice himself for the safety of his kingdom, only to be knocked out as well, by Merlin. Merlin then approached the Cailleach himself, offering his life in place of Arthur's. The Gatekeeper, however, informed him that his time among men was not yet over, even if he wanted it to be. Confused, Merlin followed her gaze to the veil, where he quickly spotted Lancelot standing on the brink. Lancelot looked back at him with a smile, turned to face the veil, and walked into it, vanishing from sight. Horrified, Merlin could only stand and watch as the veil closed behind him, the Cailleach and the Dorocha disappearing with it.

The whole of Camelot mourned Lancelot's death. He was heavily mourned by Merlin, Arthur, and his fellow knights, as well as by Gaius and Gwen. Gwen in particular took his death hard, blaming herself and the promise he made her to make sure Arthur returned home safe. A memorial was conducted for Lancelot, during which Arthur gave a speech naming Lancelot as one of the bravest and most noble knights Camelot had ever had. A knight's cloak and Lancelot's sword were then burned on a funeral pyre in the courtyard (The Darkest Hour).

Releasing of The Shade

I thought it would please me, molding his mind. Instead, I feel curiously sad. He was once so mighty, and now he's nothing but a Shade.
Morgana on Lancelot[src]
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Lancelot, raised from the dead

Months later, her ally Lord Agravaine informed Morgana that Arthur was planning to make Guinevere his queen. Determined that a servant would never sit upon her throne, Morgana set out to stop their marriage once and for all. Following the instruction of the Dochraid, she traveled to the Pool of Nemhain and used a coin gifted to her by her sister to resurrect Lancelot as a Shade. Morgana spent the next day or two carefully molding Lancelot's mind, telling him about Gwen and their former feelings for one another, how she was his love before she was Arthur's and how she would be his again. Eventually, she deemed him ready to play his part.

Lancelot made his reappearance in Camelot by participating in the tourney Arthur was holding as Gwen's engagement present. His presence caused some confusion at first, as no one was quite sure who he was, and when he removed his helmet everyone was left in shock. Later, in the dining hall, he explained to the other members of the Round Table how he had supposedly survived his encounter with the Cailleach. He claimed that he had been found by the Madhavi people on one of the Silk Road passes, high in the Feorre Mountains. He traveled with them for months, traversing the deserts of the south, and was cared for and given food and shelter until his strength returned. When he was well again, he worked his way back to Camelot, arriving just in time to enter the tournament.

Lancelot moved in with Merlin and Gaius for a time. Unaware that Merlin was suspicious about his story, Lancelot further incriminated himself by having no knowledge of Merlin's magic. Using necromancy, Merlin soon determined that Lancelot was not their own Lancelot but a Shade, likely conjured by Morgana to harm Arthur. Unbeknownst to Merlin, however, Lancelot's target was not Arthur, but Gwen. He visited her the night he returned, wishing her well in her marriage and gifting her with a bracelet he claimed to have received from the Madhavi people. In reality, however, the bracelet was from Morgana, who had enchanted it with a powerful love spell. Under its compulsion Gwen was unable to stop herself from seeking him out.

Lancelot later faced Arthur in the tournament finals, during which he chose to yield the match to Arthur, who was too badly wounded to so much as raise his lance, rather than take the opportunity to strike him down. Confused, as he had no idea what Lancelot could be there for if not to kill Arthur, Merlin's suspicions were quickly renewed when he witnessed Gwen sneaking into Lancelot's tent. Lancelot met with Agravaine later that day, telling him that he was to meet with Gwen later and that she was already on her way. Agravaine responded that Morgana would be pleased, and the two parted ways, unaware that Merlin had been listening. He tried to stop their plan with his magic, but Lancelot caught him by surprise and knocked him out, continuing on to the council chambers without any further interference. Gwen arrived soon after, and the two shared a kiss. It was at this point that Arthur arrived, having been woken and led there by Agravaine. Hurt and betrayed, Arthur flew into a rage and attacked Lancelot with his sword. The two fought for several minutes, ignoring Gwen's tearful pleading for them to stop, until Merlin arrived and used his magic to disarm Lancelot. Gwen then stepped in front of him, forcing Arthur to halt his attack as well. Both she and Lancelot were then arrested.

Sometime later, Agravaine visited Lancelot in the castle dungeons. He gave him a letter from Morgana, containing one last order. The next day the guards found him dead in his cell, apparently having taken his own life. Arthur, melancholic on hearing the news, assumed that Lancelot had done so out of guilt, noting that, "In all ways but one, Lancelot was a man of honour." He then gave orders that he was to receive a proper burial.


Lancelot thanks Merlin for setting him free

Merlin took Lancelot's body to the lake, where he placed it in a boat made of twigs and covered in flowers. Merlin stood over him for a moment, then placed a hand to Lancelot's forehead and incanted a spell. The spell revived Lancelot for a moment, apparently freeing his soul from Morgana's control and restoring him to his true self, as evidenced by his final words: "Merlin... Thank you." He quietly passed on, his spirit at peace once more. Merlin then cast the boat containing his friend's body across the lake, igniting it with his magic (Lancelot du Lac).


I want to pay tribute to Sir Lancelot. We owe him a great debt. It is not just his deed that we'll never forget. It's his courage. His compassion. His unselfish heart.He was the most noble knight I'll ever know. He gave his life for all of us.
Arthur on Lancelot[src]
Merlin 4x02 - Lancelot's funeral scene

Merlin 4x02 - Lancelot's funeral scene

Tribute to Sir Lancelot

Lancelot was a selfless and honourable man with a very strong sense of right and wrong. He disliked lying, stating on one occasion that it was against everything that a knight stood for. As such, he was very uncomfortable with the idea of lying about his social status in order to qualify for knighthood. He also refused to take credit for killing the Griffin when he knew that it was Merlin who was truly responsible.

He was very humble. When Kilgharrah told him that he was the bravest and most noble knight in Camelot - a sentiment later echoed by Arthur himself - Lancelot was doubtful that what the dragon said was true. He later told Merlin that he wondered if he would ever be able to bring himself to knowingly give his life for something, perhaps hinting at some insecurities regarding his own courage. His modesty was further demonstrated by his courtesy, as he tended to be very polite and respectful. He was especially so towards people of higher rank than himself, even if they had treated him unfairly.

Merlin 4x09 lancelot's death

Merlin 4x09 lancelot's death

Sir Lancelot is sent to Avalon by Merlin

Lancelot was quite courageous, willing to risk his life to save the people he cared about. Lancelot developed feelings for Gwen soon after meeting her, but chose to let her go rather than force her to choose between him and Arthur. He bore Arthur no ill feelings for his relationship with Gwen; all that mattered to him was that Gwen was happy. As such, he not only promised her that he would protect Arthur but ultimately gave his life to do so.



You know, Merlin, you're the one Arthur should knight. You're the bravest of us all and he doesn't even know it.
Lancelot to Merlin[src]

Lancelot and Merlin, best friends

Merlin was good friends with Lancelot, and quite likely his best friend. They first met when Lancelot saved Merlin from a Griffin that had attacked him while he was out gathering mushrooms (Lancelot). The two took to one another right off, sharing secrets over time such as Merlin's having magic and Lancelot's love for Guinevere.

Merlin was very supportive of Lancelot's ambition to become a Knight and helped him in any way that he could, including using his magic to create a fake seal of nobility and allowing Lancelot to take credit for killing the Griffin. In return, Lancelot was very fond of Merlin and did his best to look out for him. When Merlin was injured by the Dorocha, Lancelot risked his life trying to take him back to Camelot alone, and one of the reasons he was willing to sacrifice himself in Arthur's place on the Isle of the Blessed was so that Merlin wouldn't have to.

Lancelot apparently kept in contact with Merlin after he left Camelot, as Merlin knew where to send word to him when the kingdom was invaded by Cenred's army. Merlin was delighted to see Lancelot finally made a Knight of Camelot, and Lancelot was the only knight to accompany him on his mission to find and empty the Cup of Life (The Coming of Arthur). When Lancelot sacrificed himself to banish the Dorocha a year later, Merlin was among those who mourned the most intensely (The Darkest Hour).

When Lancelot returned to Camelot some time later, apparently having survived his encounter with the veil, Merlin was the first to suspect that the Knight was not himself. His suspicions were proven correct when he discovered that Lancelot had no knowledge of his magic. It turned out that "Lancelot" was a Shade conjured by Morgana, tasked with preventing Gwen from marrying Arthur. Once he'd carried out his objective, he was given orders to kill himself again, after which Merlin took his body to the lake. There he used a spell to free Lancelot's soul from Morgana's control, restoring him to his true self and even bringing him back to life for a moment. Lancelot used this moment to speak his final words: "Merlin... Thank you." He then quietly passed on, his soul at peace once more, leaving Merlin to mourn for a second time (Lancelot du Lac).

Guinevere Pendragon

I would die for you one hundred times over. Live for me, or everything that I am has been for nothing.
Lancelot to Guinevere[src]

Lancelot and Guinevere about to kiss

Guinevere was good friends with Lancelot, as well as the love of his life. He was attracted to her from the moment they met, addressing her as "My Lady" and later telling Merlin that she seemed "lovely". Gwen demonstrated a similar attraction, and greatly admired his nobility and courage. She was sad when he left Camelot, and at some point shared these feelings with her friend, the Lady Morgana (Lancelot).

Gwen and Lancelot were eventually reunited while she was being held prisoner in the stronghold of a bandit called Hengist. He vowed to Gwen that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and was comforted by her belief that there was still hope for him, and that his life was destined for more than fighting for bandits' entertainment. Later, he helped her to escape, the two sharing a kiss before he sent her on ahead while he stayed behind to fight off their pursuers. However, despite Lancelot's best efforts, both he and Gwen were recaptured and sentenced to be fed to the Wilddeoren. They were saved from their fate by Arthur and Merlin, the former of whom also had feelings for Gwen. Upon discovering this, Lancelot chose not to return with them to Camelot, as he didn't want his own feelings to come between theirs (Lancelot and Guinevere).

Lancelot had little interaction with Gwen after he was made a Knight of Camelot. She was happy to see him when he first arrived, and Lancelot was later among the Knights who escorted her back to Camelot from the Castle of Ancient Kings (The Coming of Arthur). When the Dorocha were unleashed by Morgana's tearing of the veil a year later, Lancelot was one of the Knights who accompanied Arthur on his quest to repair it. Shortly before they left, Gwen asked him to make sure that Arthur came home safe. Lancelot promised her with his life, and ultimately kept his word by sacrificing himself in Arthur's place. Gwen mourned for him alongside all of Camelot, standing vigil at his funeral pyre longer than anyone else (The Darkest Hour).

How Gwen felt about Lancelot following their presumed betrayal of Arthur is unknown (Lancelot du Lac).

Arthur Pendragon

You taught me the values of being a knight, the code by which a man should live his life. To fight with honour for justice, freedom, and all that's good. I believe in the world that you will build.
Lancelot to Arthur[src]

Arthur and Lancelot

Lancelot was good friends with Arthur, despite both being in love with Guinevere. They first met when Merlin talked Arthur into letting Lancelot try out for the knights. Though initially left unimpressed, Arthur ultimately decided to give him a chance, and soon thought enough of his skills to bring his final test forward despite Lancelot only having been in basic training for a short time. When it was discovered that Lancelot's seal of nobility was a forgery, Arthur was far less angry about it than his father. He attempted to reason with Uther, saying that he was sure that Lancelot had meant no harm and only wanted to serve. It was for this reason that Arthur chose to free him from prison (without Uther's permission) and told him to leave Camelot. Later, he was deeply impressed when it appeared that Lancelot had killed the Griffin, and demanded that Uther reinstate Lancelot's knighthood. However, Lancelot instead chose to leave Camelot, as he regretted how his lies had come between Arthur and his father and wanted to start over again elsewhere (Lancelot).

Lancelot and Arthur were eventually reunited when he was fighting for the entertainment of a bandit called Hengist. Arthur, together with Merlin, infiltrated Hengist's stronghold in search of Guinevere, who had been kidnapped by the bandit's men in place of Lady Morgana. They found her and Lancelot tied up in the arena, about to be fed to the Wilddeoren. After assessing the situation, Arthur quickly jumped into the arena and freed Lancelot from his bonds. The two then managed to fight off the beasts long enough for the four of them to get away. Arthur noticed Gwen and Lancelot holding hands during their escape, and was heartbroken to discover that the two were in love. However, Lancelot had come to the similar conclusion that Arthur also had feelings for Gwen, and once again chose to depart rather than come between Arthur and someone he loved (Lancelot and Guinevere).

Some time later, Camelot was invaded by Cenred's army and Arthur, Merlin, and a small group of rebels were forced to go on the run. Lancelot soon received a message from Merlin detailing the situation, and subsequently returned to Camelot. Arthur was surprised to see him but happy for his help, and ultimately made him a Knight of Camelot (The Coming of Arthur). Lancelot served Arthur honourably for roughly one year, and was considered by Arthur to be the noblest of all his knights. He later demonstrated this nobility during their quest to the Isle of the Blessed, where he sacrificed himself in Arthur's place in order to banish the Dorocha from Camelot (The Darkest Hour).

Arthur was shocked but overjoyed when Lancelot eventually returned to Camelot, apparently having survived his encounter with the veil. However, his happiness soon turned bitter when he discovered Gwen and Lancelot sharing a kiss in the council chambers. Enraged, he attacked Lancelot with his sword, continuing to go after him even after Lancelot had been disarmed. Gwen eventually intervened, and both she and Lancelot were imprisoned in the castle dungeons, where Lancelot ultimately committed suicide. Despite his earlier rage at the knight's betrayal, Arthur was very sad to learn of his death and ordered that he be given a proper burial, remarking, "In all ways but one, Lancelot was a man of honour." Arthur never found out that it hadn't been the real Lancelot who had betrayed him, but a Shade raised from the dead by Morgana to prevent his marriage to Guinevere (Lancelot du Lac).


I didn't want it to be true."
"I know. We all wanted him back.
Merlin and Gaius, after discovering that Lancelot was a Shade[src]

Gaius and Merlin look after an injured Lancelot

Gaius first met Lancelot when he treated him for injuries incurred by his fight with the Griffin. Gaius was grateful to him for having saved Merlin, and supported his ambition to become a Knight of Camelot. As such, he allowed Lancelot to live with him and Merlin both while he was recovering and while he was in training. He appeared to be very fond of Lancelot, looking after him in much the same way that he looked after Merlin, and was sad but accepting when he decided to leave Camelot for a fresh start elsewhere (Lancelot).

Gaius and Lancelot were eventually reunited when the latter returned to Camelot following its invasion by Cenred's army. Gaius was present when Lancelot was made a Knight of Camelot, and later used magic to save him and Merlin from Morgause when she intercepted their mission to empty the Cup of Life (The Coming of Arthur). A year later, he was very sad when Lancelot sacrificed himself to banish the Dorocha, and attended his memorial alongside the rest of the court (The Darkest Hour).

When Lancelot returned to Camelot some time later, apparently having survived his encounter with the veil, Gaius was among the happiest to see him. He allowed him to move in with him and Merlin once again, and was crestfallen when Merlin discovered that it wasn't the real Lancelot who had returned but a Shade conjured by Morgana (Lancelot du Lac).


This is Percival. It was his strength that brought them down.
Lancelot, introducing Percival[src]

Percival and Lancelot at the Feast of Samhain

Lancelot first met Percival when Percival's village fell at the hands of Cenred's army. When Lancelot received word from Merlin that Camelot had fallen to the same army, Percival chose to accompany his friend on his quest to locate Prince Arthur and his allies. Arriving just in time to keep the group from being captured by soldiers, both later volunteered to take part in the prince's plan to free his father from the castle dungeon, and were made Knights of Camelot (The Coming of Arthur). 

As knights, they went on many adventures and fought alongside one another countless times. Percival was very sad when Lancelot sacrificed himself to banish the Dorocha, and attended his memorial along with the rest of the Knights (The Darkest Hour). He was overjoyed when Lancelot returned to Camelot some time later, apparently having survived his encounter with the veil, and was excited when Lancelot was to face Arthur in the tournament finals. It is unknown how Percival reacted to Lancelot's affair with Guinevere, or to his subsequent suicide (Lancelot du Lac). 

Morgana Pendragon

For you are Lancelot, the noble, the brave, the honourable. You're everything the Knight's Code stands for.
Morgana to Lancelot, molding his mind as a Shade[src]
Morgana and Lancelot

Lancelot and Morgana

Lancelot had little interaction with Morgana before she became an enemy of Camelot. Lancelot showed her the same respect that he did all people of higher rank than himself, and Morgana was one of the members of the court who attended Lancelot's knighthood celebration (Lancelot).

When Lancelot next returned to Camelot, the kingdom had been overthrown by Cenred's army and Morgana, with the aid of her sister, had crowned herself Queen. As an ally of Arthur, Lancelot accompanied Merlin on his mission to empty the Cup of Life. He was present when Morgause was defeated by the combined efforts of Gaius and Merlin, and subsequently witnessed Morgana's grief at both the injuries dealt her sister and the destruction of her army (The Coming of Arthur). One year later, Morgana unleashed the Dorocha by tearing the veil between the worlds, and Lancelot was one of the Knights who accompanied Arthur on his quest to repair it. He ultimately gave his life to satisfy the Cailleach's demand for a sacrifice, banishing the Dorocha and thwarting Morgana's plans (The Darkest Hour).

Some time later, Morgana used a coin gifted to her by her sister to raise Lancelot from the dead as a Shade. Morgana did not enjoy doing so, expressing sadness at having stripped him of his former might and glory, but continued with her plan anyway. Determined to prevent Guinevere from marrying Arthur, Morgana forced Lancelot into having an affair with her, irreparably damaging both his memory and noble reputation, before ordering him to commit suicide (Lancelot du Lac).

The Great Dragon

Of course. Sir Lancelot, the bravest and most noble of them all.
Kilgharrah to Lancelot[src]
Lancelot Meets Kilgharrah

Merlin and Lancelot meet Kilgharrah

Lancelot had very little interaction with Kilgharrah. They met only once, when the Great Dragon saved him and Merlin from a Dorocha that was pursuing them through the woods. The dragon thought very highly of Lancelot, addressing him as, "The bravest and most noble of them all."

Lancelot was initially startled by Kilgharrah's arrival, preparing to attack him with his sword before Merlin held out a hand to stop him. However, he soon warmed to the dragon and was quick to join Merlin in explaining their errand to the Isle of the Blessed. He appeared to be somewhat embarrassed by the dragon's praise, saying that he wasn't certain what he said was true. Kilgharrah took no offense at his doubt, merely replying, "We shall see."

The dragon's words were ultimately proven correct when Lancelot chose to sacrifice himself in Arthur's (and Merlin's) place to banish the Dorocha from Camelot (The Darkest Hour).

The Vilia

We bear you no harm. We wish only to help.
The Vilia to Lancelot[src]
Lancelot And the Vilia

Lancelot, amazed by the Vilia's abilities

Lancelot encountered the Vilia only once, when Merlin had been badly injured by the Dorocha and Lancelot was taking him back to Camelot. At some point Merlin's condition deteriorated to the point where they could no longer continue, and Lancelot carried him to a nearby stream. There he met the Vilia, benevolent spirits of the lakes and streams who had been freed to roam the earth when Morgana tore the veil.

The Vilia were very kind and helpful to Lancelot, healing Merlin of his injuries and protecting them both from the Dorocha throughout the night. Lancelot was grateful for their aid, and awestruck by their abilities (The Darkest Hour).


I should've known. How could I have been so stupid?! You don't sound like a knight, you don't even look like a knight!"
"I'm sorry."
"I'm sorry, too. Because, Lancelot, you fight like a knight.
Arthur and Lancelot[src]

Having dedicated his life to the study of swordsmanship and combat when he was but a boy, Lancelot was an excellent swordsman even before he received formal training to become a Knight of Camelot. By the time he was given his final knighthood test, he had learned enough to hold his own against Prince Arthur himself for quite some time, though he ultimately defeated the prince with trickery rather than skill (Lancelot).

Lancelot continued his training after he left Camelot. He was capable of defending himself against numerous opponents at once, defeating several of Hengist's men in his escape from the bandit's stronghold before finally being subdued (Lancelot and Guinevere). When he and Merlin searched the castle for the Cup of Life, Lancelot was able to not only fight off dozens of immortal soldiers but successfully maneuver them into the path of Excalibur (The Coming of Arthur). Perhaps the greatest display of Lancelot's swordsmanship was when he dueled Arthur as a Shade. Had Merlin not used his magic to disarm him, it is entirely possible that Lancelot would have emerged the victor (Lancelot du Lac).


Training to become a Knight

In addition to being a formidable opponent with a sword, Lancelot was highly skilled with a lance. He was first seen using one to slay a Griffin that had attacked Camelot, though the lance itself had to be enchanted by Merlin before it was strong enough to stand up to the creature (Lancelot). As a Shade, Lancelot participated in a jousting tournament and advanced all the way to the finals. He likely would have won had he not forfeited in favor of a badly wounded Arthur (Lancelot du Lac).

Lancelot was also shown to be highly proficient at hand-to-hand combat. He showed great agility and speed in his duel with Arthur, managing to dodge the prince's enraged attacks and eventually grapple and pin him to a wall, disarming him (Lancelot du Lac).


  • Lancelot is a masculine name of French origin. The meaning of the name is "attendant". 
  • Other spellings of Lancelot include Lancelott, Lancilot, Lancilott, Lancilotte, Lancilotto, Lancylot, Lancylott, Lancylotte, Launcelet, Launcelot, Launcelott, Launcelotte, Lance, Lancey, Lancy, Lanse, Lantz, Lanz, and Launce. 


In the Legends

Sir Lancelot or Lancelot (Launcelot) Du Lac was one of the Knights of The Round Table in the Arthurian Legend. He was first introduced by Chrétien de Troyes in his work Erec and Enide, written in 12th Century. However, in Le Chevalier de la Charette, he is the main character.  

Lancelot participated in many of Arthur's adventures and he was portrayed as the most perfect and bravest knight of all. He is well known for his love affair with Queen Guinevere, whom he fell in love with. According to Le Morte d'Arthurtheir adultery caused the destruction of the Round Table, the fall of the kingdom, and Mordred's betrayal of King Arthur.

Lancelot is the son of King Ban of Benwick and Elaine, and also father to Galahad (with Elaine of Cobreric, daughter of the Fisher King). He was sent by the Lady of the Lake to Camelot's court to serve King Arthur's army as a knight, and became the most loyal friend of Sir Gawain. His adventures included facing the Dolorous Guard and peacefully ending the war between King Arthur and his former enemy, Galehaut. According to the French Arthurian romance, Perlesvaushe also played an important role in the quest for the Holy Grail.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Ever since I was a child I've dreamed of coming here. It's my life's ambition to join the knights of Camelot." - to Merlin (Lancelot).
  • "I would die for you one hundred times over. Live for me, or everything that I am has been for nothing." - to Gwen (Lancelot and Guinevere).
  • "I heard you. I saw you. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me. But I cannot take the credit for what I did not do. There'll be no more lies, no more deceit." - to Merlin (Lancelot).
  • "You have nothing to be sorry for. You reminded me of who I am. I will die with faith in my heart. That is worth more than anything." - to Gwen (Lancelot and Guinevere).
  • "I lied to you both, and now there is conflict between you. I cannot bear that burden, as you should not bear mine. I must start again, far from here. Then maybe one day fate shall grant me another chance to prove myself a worthy knight of Camelot." - to Arthur and Uther (Lancelot).
  • "Then you have given me a reason to live." - to Gwen (Lancelot and Guinevere).
  • "My feelings do not matter. I will not come between them." - to Merlin, concerning Arthur and Gwen (Lancelot and Guinevere).
  • "You taught me the values of being a knight, the code by which a man should live his life. To fight with honour for justice, freedom, and all that's good. I believe in the world that you will build." - to Arthur (The Coming of Arthur).
  • "You know, Merlin, you're the one Arthur should knight. You're the bravest of us all, and he doesn't even know it." - to Merlin (The Coming of Arthur).
  • "My name is Lancelot, my lady. I am yours to command." - to Morgana (Lancelot du Lac).
  • "Merlin... Thank you..." - to Merlin (Lancelot du Lac).


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