A Lamia is a creature of magic, magically created by mingling the blood of a girl and a serpent together.


In a war with an ancient king, a High Priestess combined the blood of a girl with a serpent. This created a fearsome and powerful monster. However, the creature proved to be too dangerous. The High Priestess lost control of it and the Lamia continued to kill.

Centuries later, slave traders caught the Lamia and were transporting her to be sold. However, her influence over them was too great, and fights started. Fearing she had enchanted them, the slave traders tried to kill her. However, the Lamia proved more deadly than its maker imagined, and she killed them all, except one.

She went to the village of Longstrong, and began preying on its inhabitants. Three villagers became its victims. Fearing an unknown illness, the wife of the village elder went to Camelot to ask for help. She approached Gwen, who told Arthur. After consulting with Gaius, Arthur sent Merlin as the substitute physician, with Gwen and the Knights of Camelot to fix the problem.

The Lamia was later caught by bandits, and rescued by the Knights when they left the village to go back to Camelot. However, she soon started to exert her power over them, making them aggressive and more violent. Her first victim among them was Sir Elyan.

Instead of going back to Camelot, she forced them to travel to a castle to the East that she knew of. Afterwards, the Lamia picked them off, one by one. First was Gwaine, followed by Percival. Leon saw Percival fall because of the Lamia. He attacked, but Lamia defeated him.

Merlin saw the Lamia after Leon and was able to wound her with Leon’s sword. She changed to her true form and attacked again. Merlin ran and made it back to Gwen, who heard the commotion. She used a sword to try to kill the creature. Arthur (who had been following their trail when they were missing) killed the Lamia with a spear to the back.


Bred to kill, the Lamia, was sadistic. It seemed find pleasure and forcing others to fight over her. It was capable of putting on a believable performance of a scared and traumatized girl, to gain sympathy and to lure its prey into the trap.


Created by a High Priestess, the Lamia was a powerful creature. She was able to control men's minds, and influence them. Her enchantment made men aggressive, to the point of attacking each other and making them hostile to other people. However, she could not control Merlin. She never showed an ability to control women.

She was also able to drain the life force out of a person with a kiss. The person would collapse, and slowly die. Merlin was unable to cure the victims, even with his magic.

As well as her influence over men, she could practice offensive magic. She was able to telekinetically send a man flying through the air. She did not need to say a spell to do so. It was also shown that she could sense Merlin’s magic.

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From the appearance of a girl, the Lamia was able to transform into a huge, creature that had many tentacles. It also possessed incredible strength, capable of knocking through a pile of boulders, and great endurance, able to live with a sword hit through the chest.


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