Lady is a title usually inherited by a woman of noble birth indicative of their position within the realm's hierarchy. Female offspring of lords or knights and their wives receive this title at birth, while in some instances it may be conferred upon a woman of lower birth through marriage.

Known Ladies

Lady Status Reason Photo
Morgana Pendragon Alive Official ward of Uther Pendragon; presumed daughter of Gorlois and Vivienne
Vivian Alive Daugther of King Olaf
Ygraine Pendragon Title before marrying Uther
Queen Ygraine Pendragon.jpg
Vivienne Fate Unknown Wife of Gorlois
Morgause Daughter of Gorlois and Vivienne
Nimueh Member of the Court of Camelot
Catrina (human) Daughter of the King of Tregor
Lady Godwyn Wife of Lord Godwyn
Helen of Mora Unknown, famed singer from Mora
Lady helen3.png
Sophia Sidhe, daughter of the heir of Tir-Mor
Sophia of Tir Mor.jpg


  • Through not stated, King Arthur's wife, Guinevere may have taken on this title temporarily before and after they married prior to her coronation in which she becomes Camelot's Queen.
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