The Labyrinth of Gedref is a sprawling hedgemaze that served as Arthur Pendragon's final test for lifting the curse put on Camelot after killing a unicorn. Parts of the maze are enchanted, so the vines come alive. The exit of the maze opens out onto a rocky shoreline of the Great Seas of Meredor.

Arthur's Encounter[edit | edit source]

When Arthur rode to the maze, he realised that it was the only way to save his people. Merlin followed him secretly, thinking he would need his help. When he arrived there, he found Anhora waiting there for him with a sword. He captured Merlin using a spell to wrap him up in vines. When Arthur emerged from the maze, he found a table holding two cups. Merlin was already seated at the table, and Anhora explained that one cup contained water and the other a deadly poison and that all of the liquid must be drunk, and that Arthur and Merlin may drink from only one cup each. Merlin deduced that all the liquid must be poured into one cup, and Arthur tricked him into giving him the cup. Then Arthur drank all the liquid, which led Merlin to believe that the prince was going to die. After that Anhora revealed it was only a sleeping draught and that Arthur, who had passed the test, would soon awake (The Labyrinth of Gedref).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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