A Kingdom are lot of lands which are ruled by the nobility or royal families. There are at least a dozen of kingdoms scattered through the land to be known as Albion. The listed kingdoms contain the current leaders of the known that have either been seen or heard about.

Known KingdomsEdit

Kingdom King Queen Status Allies Enemies Photo
Camelot Arthur Pendragon Guinevere Pendragon Standing Camelot
Gawant Godwyn Lady Godwyn Standing Unknown Gawant
Nemeth Rodor Unknown Standing

King Rodor and his daughter, Princess Mithian's kingdom.

Caerleon Caerleon (deceased) Annis Standing
Essetir Lot None/Unknown Standing
Daobeth Unknown None/Unknown Fallen
Daobeth citadel
Mercia Bayard None/Unknown Standing Unknown
The Perilous Lands The Fisher King (deceased) None/Unknown Fallen Unknown Perilous Lands
Tír-Mòr Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Odin's Kingdom Odin Unknown Standing
Odins kingdom
Alined's Kingdom Alined None Standing
Olaf’s Kingdom Olaf Unknown Standing Unknown
Tregor Catrina's Father (deceased) Unknown Fallen Invaders
Mora Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
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